Ziplist Recipe Box and Shopping List


Recently you may have noticed a blue “Save” button showing up next to the recipes on my blog.  That button is courtesy of Ziplist, and they offer a free personal recipe box and shopping list that I think many of you will enjoy.

After you create a free account, when you click the “Save” button, you have the choice of adding the recipe  to your recipe box or to your shopping list.  You can then go to your recipe box or shopping list if you wish.

Because you are accessing the recipe box or shopping list from my site, you will remain on my site, but what you added will show up in your recipe box or shopping list wherever you access your account.

If you choose to add a recipe to your recipe box, it will not be added to your shopping list.  But if you add a recipe to your shopping list, it will automatically be added to your recipe box.

When adding a recipe to you shopping list, the ingredients in that recipe are automatically added to the list according to the type of ingredient it is like this:


When in your recipe box, you will see a picture of the recipe, details, and ingredients, but you will need to click to the site to see the instructions.

To help you organize your recipes, you can add tags to them, such as the tags at the bottom of this image:


For sites that don’t have a “save recipe” button, you can add the recipe clipper to your bookmarks bar.  Then, when you find a recipe you want to save, click on the recipe clipper link and it will automatically find the recipe within that post.

If you decide to give Ziplist a try, you can easily access your recipe box and shopping list from my site by clicking on the links I have added in my orange link bar:


I think Ziplist has some pretty cool features, and I hope some of you will enjoy using it.  I like what they have to offer and the fact that it is free.

Let me know what you think of Ziplist.

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    • says

      Heather, I agree. I tend to stay away from recipes that require me to buy a lot of ingredients I don’t already have on hand or would normally buy. Even if you don’t use the shopping list, the recipe box is useful.

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