What is Your Favorite Summertime Meal?

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I’m taking a short holiday blogging break and thought it would be a good opportunity for me to hear from you!

Most people eat differently during the various seasons.  That fact is driven by fruit and vegetables being in season at different times as well as the changes in weather.

When summer heat arrives, I lose my desire to do much cooking.  This year I’m ready to try some new summertime fare, but I’m lacking in motivation to get creative.

I’d love to hear what your favorite summertime meals are, even if they seem ordinary and simple to you.  You’re welcome to leave a link to a recipe, or write the recipe out if it’s not too long.  Or, just describe what you like to eat.

What is your favorite summertime meal?

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  1. says

    Fruit Dip

    1 8 oz. jar marshmallow cream
    1 8 oz. container SOFT cream cheese (whipped is the best)
    approx 1/2 C. orange juice (reconstituted)


    Mix (with mixer) all of the above Adding orange juice til you
    like the flavor and the lumps are gone. Should be a little thick
    and not too watery. Dip fruit in and enjoy. I like strawberries
    and bananas the best Refrigerate til ready to use.

  2. Joan says

    I get a pre made rotisserie chicken from the grocery store add some bagged salad some microwave rice fresh fruit with either vanilla ice cream or whipped cream . Dinner with no hot ovens and very little cooking

  3. says

    I totally lose my desire to cook in the summertime. That’s when I do the most raw foods meals. I’ll still be chopping, mixing, dehydrating, but the meals are all cold. Love it! Favorite summertime meal? Probably a veggie-loaded salad with a side of cold gaspacho or avocado cucumber soup.

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