What Can I Eat?

It’s day three of the 10 Days of Gluten Free blog hop!  I am covering topics related to getting started on the gluten free diet.  Be sure to visit the other participating blogs listed at the end of this post.  Each one is covering a different gluten-free topic and has a great giveaway you can enter.

What Can I Eat?

We need food to survive, so it can be a bit scary when you suddenly  have to remove a large part of your diet.  The good news is that there are lots of healthy gluten-free foods you can have including all fresh unprocessed fruits, vegetables,  and meats.   You can also eat eggs, rice, beans, and more.

Shop the Perimeter

The grocery store can be overwhelming when you are starting on the gluten-free diet.  A great tip is to shop the perimeter of the store.  Most of the foods found along the outer walls of a store are safe (except for bakery items).  That includes many of the foods I mentioned above.

What About Dairy?

Dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and sour cream are usually gluten free.  However, many people who have problems with gluten also have problems with dairy.  Some are lactose intolerant.  Others react to casein, a protein found in dairy foods.  If you think you are having problems with dairy you might consider going dairy free.


Condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and salad dressing contain multiple ingredients and could potentially contain gluten.  However, the majority of them do not.  Once you learn to read labels, you can easily find gluten-free versions.

Processed Foods

Processed foods such as the condiments listed above, are foods that you find in the middle of the grocery store.  It might help you to find a few of those foods that are safe for you to eat.  I have a list of 30 Processed Foods That Are Usually Gluten Free.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about reading labels so you can better understand how to determine which foods are safe.

Tips for Getting More Nutrition Into the Gluten-Free Diet is a helpful free download from Shelley Case.



Shelley Case is giving away a copy of her book Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide.  The title is an appropriate description.  This book would be useful to anyone on a gluten-free diet.

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10 Days of Gluten Free Continues:

These bloggers have great tips and ideas to share with you.  Please stop by and remember to enter the giveaways.


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  1. says

    Right now, shopping is taking me forever as I stop to read labels on everything. I know it will eventually be quicker, as I learn what is safe to buy. I think I’m going to have to start taking my horrible new reading glasses to the store because the labels seem to have gotten smaller, LOL.

  2. Lynn says

    Thanks for the lists, very helpful.. I read all labels and when in doubt I have an iphone app that helps me..

  3. Alisa H. says

    I found you on MoneySaving Mom’s e-mail today. I’m glad I did. Your site has lots of great info on a GF life. My oldest Daughter’s Dr whats us to start taking her of Gluten. This has not been easy for us. I want to thank you and the other blogers for putng together the “10 Days of Gluten Free.” It’s been a big help.

  4. Kazan says

    I always remember that everything I touch in a store has the potential of being contaminated. Children especially must wash hands after a shopping trip. My daughter can not even go near the bread section without feeling ill.

  5. says

    It’s easy to get so caught up in what we can’t eat that we often can’t see the many foods we can still eat. Good fresh, whole foods are a great way to start. We still eat that way. Good article. Thank you.

  6. Teri says

    Thank you for this post! I have forwarded it to friends and family as this will help them to realize that being GF isn’t the end of the world.

  7. apryl says

    “shop the perimeter”, that is one of my favorite parts of a healthy diet – it’s actually easier to shop than you’d think! one inside the major supermarkets is becomes a pretty quick and simple job of choosing your food. :)

  8. dalkayak says

    My family and I just moved to a very remote part of Texas from WA state and I cant find anywhere local that has gluten free products! After leaving the local large chained food store and feeling very depressed!! I went home got over it and decided that all I need to do is open my mind and find ways to put what I have already on hand together with more fruits and veggies. So I will stop my self pity and see how this works out! Wish me luck….. Thank you for all the daily ideas.

  9. Natalie says

    Great ideas and tips! Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s post. I look forward to winning your giveaway! (lol)

  10. says

    Very helpful post! My grocery trips had double in time duration because I now check everything (that isn’t pure) to make sure it doesn’t have gluten in it. It’s a big help on my lactose & gluten intolerant cooking journey.

  11. Susan says

    One thing I did was buy some gluten-free cooking/baking books, as well as check out from the library every book about allergen-free living that I could get my hands on. There were a lot of helpful tips, like the ones Linda mentioned here in her blog and I learned to love lentils and beans – I already liked rice and some vegetables. Fortunately, I can eat dairy, so that was not a problem ingredient for me. As everyone else has mentioned here – I learned to read the labels. Not fun, but absolutely necessary!

  12. Heather says

    I love the shopping around the perimeter tip. I’m grateful that our local grocery stores now have a gluten-free section.

  13. Vicky says

    I’m finding out that some GF foods I can’t eat like millet and teff flours. I don’t know why, but when in mixes I get sick. So I stay away from them. I know I’m fine with the other ingredients cause I have them many times before. Other from that I know what foods from our many of lists that I used to eat, some are safe and GF labeled on the back of the box, bottle or can. We all have many other food allergies and even GF we cannot eat them. Only one can experiment and hope they do not get sick!

  14. Jan says

    Have been GF for 18 years and stores have made monumental strides in making and carrying good GF foods since then. Jules has been a very big help supporting us all! Thanks, Jules!

  15. says

    Initially the grocery store seems like a bomb field, with gluten everywhere. As you shop and try new things, you’ll find shopping takes less and less time as you’ll have your go-to items to purchase again and again.

  16. Bonnie Haig says

    Thanks for all the information you provide! I would be so happy to win this book. I believe I am gluten intolerant, and unfortunately already have been avoiding gluten and have not been tested. Its so important for you to continue to provide wonderful resources such as these blogs, and books, as the medical profession really has very little knowledge of our problems. Thanks again!!

  17. Angela says

    I am at the very beginning stages of changing to a gluten free diet due to gluten intolorance and have found this website along with the other experts to be extremely valuable. Thank you!

  18. Angel R. says

    I highly recommend the Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide from Cecelia’s Marketplace. (Triumph Dining also has one.) It has been a lifesaver for us!

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