What can I eat that’s gluten free? January Review



I like to do a roundup of links for the month to give you a resource with lots of links in one place.  Here’s January’s and it is full of great recipes and ideas.  If you need gluten-free cooking inspiration, you’re sure to find it here.   Thanks to everyone who participated!

January 27

January 20

January 13

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  1. Carolyn says

    As someone who avoids gluten containing foods, I was excited to try “Sticks and Twigs” by Mary’s Gone Crackers. Imagine my horror upon eating it for the first time, I broke my tooth. It broke so deep that I required periodontal surgery to make it possible to be fitted for a crown. The company is not responding to my requests to pay for my dental repair and to reformulate the product (I am not the only one who has broken a tooth on it). Mary Waldner, founder of the company, made a big deal about calling me and giving me her home phone number and telling me she wanted me to be satisfied with the outcome, but has since not responded to any further communication from me including requests for compensation after I completed the dental surgery and crown placement. I have contacted the FDA and they suggested that people who have had a similar experience contact them (1 800 353 3965), as it is their job to protect the safety and wellbeing of consumers and garner compliance from companies. Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer Beware!

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