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The other week my Surfing Saturday post (which is put together by my 16-year-old son) contained a link for 31 Ways to Use a Mason Jar in Your Kitchen. Many of the ideas for using Mason jars were not new to me, but the post got me thinking.  For some time I have been wanting to switch over to using more glass containers for food storage, and that post was motivational in getting me to take the next step.

I have a number of regular-mouth quart-size jars that I use for things like chicken broth, but I was interested in getting a few wide-mouth jars.  When looking at them on Amazon, I came across some Ball 24 oz wide mouth jars.

I had never seen that size jar before, and immediately I fell in love with them.  So often a quart-size jar is too big, but a pint-size jar is too small.  These are the perfect in between size, and they have a wide mouth.  The jars are a nice size for storing things like washed and cut vegetables.  I particularly like using these Mason jars for asparagus and salad, or to drink from.


Recently I saw my niece using a pint-size canning jar as a water bottle.  I knew that many people like using jars in place of glasses, but it’s difficult to take them on the go.  My niece was using a Cuppow to solve that problem.  It looks a bit like a sippy cup lid.  It sits on top of the jar, then you screw on the ring which holds it in place.

The 24 ounce jars I had just found were a perfect water bottle size, so I added a wide mouth Cuppow to my shopping cart.  Isn’t shopping fun?!  Now, I admit that the Cuppow seems overpriced for one small plastic piece, but there aren’t many options.  And when you consider the price of purchasing a glass water bottle, the Cuppow plus the jar is much cheaper.


I did order another style of drinking lid.  This one is a Mason jar pour cap , but it works for drinking also.  The hole is much larger, so it’s good for when you really want to guzzle some water.  I can see my boys using this.  So far I have only used it for pouring.

Finally,  I purchased Ball Wide-Mouth Plastic Storage Caps based on a mention of them in the post I referred to earlier.  I like the plastic lids because you can write on them with a dry erase marker.  Sometimes I don’t want people to eat something and other times I do want them to eat it.  I have 16 oz wide mouth jars that I use for storing leftovers, and it helps to label what is in the jar and/or add a date.  With these lids, labeling is quick and easy.

The funny thing is that after my oldest son spent the day at his cousin’s house (the one with the Cuppow), he came home and I said, “Look, I have a Cuppow just like Liesel.”  He asked if I got the idea for the jars from her too.  I told him, no these were wide mouth jars I had just found, and Liesel used her Cuppow on a regular mouth jar.  He said, “But she was just showing me these new jars she got and talking about how great they are.  Then I come home and open the fridge and there’s a whole bunch of them!”

My niece had discovered the 24 ounce jars also, and like me she decided they were the perfect in between size.  But she got a better deal on hers.  She ordered them from Kmart and had them shipped to the store.  Right now Kmart is selling a set of nine jars for only $9.99.  If you’re interested in purchasing some of these jars, shop around.

I’m sure many of you use Mason jars for various purposes.  What is your favorite size and use for a Mason jar?

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  1. says

    I have a jar with home made trail mix on the counter. I use several others for making an iced tea concentrate. That way I can make several batches of tea and it doesn’t take so much room in the fridge. When I need a pitcher of iced tea I just mix the concentrate and water in the pitcher for “instant tea.

    I also use them for storing a variety of my gf flours and starches, labeled with a chalk pen that can wash off easily.

    • says

      I like the iced tea concentrate idea! I have used jars for making sun tea. I’m thinking about switching my gf flours to jars, but I like having a container with a wide opening so I can level off the measuring cup. Thanks for your ideas.

  2. Shelley says

    I use the 125ml and 250ml sizes of the wide-mouth jars for school lunches and work lunches. They are the perfect LEAKPROOF jar for yogurt, carrots, cucumbers, ranch dressing or ketchup. You can write on the lid, either the contents or a short message.

    I also freeze soup, chili, stew, spagetti sauce, etc in the 500ml size wide-mouth jars instead of using plastic containers.

    • says

      I like the smaller jars, too, but I see that you use them much more than I do. I tried freezing broth in jars before and had more than one break, but then recently read that you have to use straight-sided, wide-mouth jars for freezing. I didn’t. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  3. says

    I love reading about more uses for mason jars.

    I have the wide mouth jar sealer for my Food Saver. I buy rice in big bags. I store rice in wide mouth mason jars and seal before putting away in the pantry. This way I only have to have a small amount open at a time but I get to take advantage of the price break by buying in bulk.

  4. says

    I love more ideas for mason jars! I’m trying to get away from plastics more, and mason jars are great! I use them for so many things, homemade salad dressing and sauces, rice, my various dry beans, flour mixes, etc.

    I have frozen soup, pizza sauce, chili. I find that the trick is to use the wide mouth jars and to leave the lid off until the next day.

    Hope you have a great day Linda!

  5. Maggie Trudeau says

    I use mason jars for everything.
    I didn’t buy the plastic lids though…I bought a 99cent red grease pencil at the hardware store. I can write on a re-used regular lid, or on the jar but that usually gets smudged during handling. It washes right off.

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