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Spring is almost here and soon there will be fresh local asparagus.  For now, I’m enjoying asparagus from Mexico.  If you eat asparagus you probably know this tip, but maybe a few of you don’t.

The bottom of the asparagus spears are tough and woody and not good eating.  The trick is figuring out exactly where the tough part ends and the tender part begins.

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The easiest way is to bend the stalk until it breaks.  It naturally breaks at the point where it becomes tender.  Sometimes it seems like I’m wasting quite a bit, but I remind myself that it’s just part of eating asparagus.

After all, there are other foods where we discard quite a bit before eating it.  Like a banana peel.

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  1. I always start out by snapping the ends and then resort to just chopping off the rest with a knife. I’m too impatient! lol

  2. I recently heard how to keep the part you want to eat for a few days.
    Snap them and right away put into a jar, large tumbler, etc. with cold water halfway up.
    Put the plastic bag you brought it home in over the top, not tightly, and refrigerate. Mine was fresh for oven roasting rwo days later.

  3. I saw this on the Food Network. People may wonder why that channel is so popular but it has helped me before. Now, if I could only afford asparagus…

    Hey Linda, I just posted a gluten free recipe for chocolate orange cake, and guess what, I made another one with regular flour and my son (who does not have to eat gluten free) found it really hard to tell the difference between the two! That is amazing!)

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