Tough Beef: Kitchen Tip

 Kitchen Tip ButtonRecently I was shopping a BJ’s and was looking for some steaks that weren’t too expensive.  I couldn’t find what I wanted so I opted for a large package of mock tenderloin steaks.

I should have known better.  The steaks looked really good, but the word “mock” should have been enough warning.  These steaks were made from chuck roast.  There’s a big difference between chuck roast and tenderloin.  A chuck roast I usually cook long and slow in the crock pot to get it tender, but these were steaks.

I cooked them like steaks, but they were rather tough, as expected.  And I had purchased a large pack of them. I tried cutting one of the leftover steaks into very thin pieces and using it on salad.  That was okay, but it was still a little tough.

Then I resorted to what I usually do with tough beef–put it in the food processor and chopped it up finely.  Once it’s ground up it can be used like any cooked ground beef in casseroles, pasta sauce, soup, etc.

Chopping the beef doesn’t make it tender, but it greatly reduces the amount of chewing required.  In this case, I used the beef in mushroom & beef sauce.

mushrooms & beef sauce

Of course, giving it to the dogs is always an option too.  My dogs did get some of this beef.

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  1. Sharon says

    Adolph’s Meat Tenderizer is gluten free and works wonder on tough cuts of beef. I usually buy in quantity too, portion out what we will use for a meal and tenderize before freezing (Heaven forbid my husband sees me adding anything to his food). As the meat thaws it is tenderizing too.

  2. Vicky S says

    Reheat them with plums fresh or dried. Simmer. The meat will be tender and sweet, but not too sweet. A surprising taste!

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