Tomato Paste Kitchen Tip

Kitchen Tip ButtonA reader, Amy, shares this kitchen tip:

“When opening cans of tomato paste, its so much easier to open both sides and just push out the tomato paste rather than try and scoop it out.”

I love this tip!  I haven’t used any tomato paste recently, but next time I do I’m definitely trying this.

A can of Contadina tomato paste.

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  1. says

    That’s one I use for sure. I make sure to clean the outside of the can before I open it, since the lid goes into the food, so to speak. I’ve also used that same method with other cans of food of similar consistency, like pumpkin. Works great! Then I make sure to wrap the lids in used paper towels or other trash like a cardboard container to make sure they can’t poke through the garbage bag and injure someone.


  2. Annemarie says

    Quite often I only use a portion of a can, so I make 1 tablespoon size scoops of the remainder on parchment paper, freeze until they are set and then store frozen in a zip top bag. No more moldy tomato paste and it’s already in portioned amounts.

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