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There’s no doubt that my husband and I don’t think the same way, and sometimes his way of thinking is very helpful.

For example, I keep my large electric skillet on the top shelf of a deep pantry cabinet.  It’s a bit of a reach for me, and taking just the skillet off the shelf was always a bit awkward.  Plus, I don’t usually use the lid and would have to replace the lid in the cabinet, then take it out again when I put the skillet away.

Not too long ago I opened the cabinet to retrieve my skillet and found this:

My husband had put the skillet away and he did so by turning it upside down on top of the lid.  I immediately didn’t like it.  It just wasn’t the “right” way to store a skillet.

Then I took the skillet out of the cabinet, and I was sold.  It was so much easier for me to get the skillet down.  The feet of the skillet didn’t stick to the shelf, I didn’t have to move the lid, and the handle part that I grab onto was closer to me. Who cares if it’s the right way, it works!

So my tip today is to think outside of your box, whatever that may be, and consider how something might work better in your kitchen.  Maybe ask your husband.

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    Yay for hubby and thinking outside the box! Great tip! I have some unconventional storage like that. For example, I do use a few plastic Tupperware type containers for certain storage (even though I’m not a fan of plastic containers in general) and I store these containers with their lids on. It makes it so easy to stack them for storage, they no longer tumble over, and one doesn’t have to look for the right lid each time (or have a special rack to put those in). I’ve been doing it this way for years now, but at first it was “out of the box.” When I’ve suggested it to some friends who complain about their storage issues, they state that they don’t have room to store their containers this way, but I’ve found that overall, this method takes up less room as one can stack them to the top of the cabinet.


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