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I was recently contacted by Denise, a mom who has a four year old daughter with celiac disease and multiple food challenges.  Denise is a Thirty-One independent consultant who sells beautiful products, including insulated totes.  Their specialty seems to be all kinds of bags.

One thing I love about their products is that you have so many choices.  There are a variety of patterns to choose from, and if you have your bag embroidered, there are different fonts and thread colors.

The above tote that I received from Denise is a perfect lunch size.  It measures about 14 inches wide by 9 1/2 inches high and 4.5 inches deep.  They also carry other sizes of insulated bags.

The bag is not bulky or thick, as some insulated bags can be.  It is lightly padded with a silver insulation lining.  It’s perfect for taking a lunch to work or school or when you are out on an excursion.  It’s roomy enough to hold an ice pack and water bottle and still leave room for food without being overly large.

The Giveaway: One winner will receive a thermal tote just like mine. The giveaway is limited to US residents.

To enter you must leave a comment on this post, not on my Facebook page and not an email.  If you receive my updates by email, click on the title and it will take you to my blog page where you can leave a comment.

Leave a separate comment for each entry:

    The giveaway will end on Friday, July 8th at 11:00 pm eastern time.  The winner will have 24 hours to respond after being contacted.  The winner will be posted on my Facebook page.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with the above picture tote free of charge. The opinions in this post are my own.

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Linda has been gluten free since 2000 when I was diagnosed with celiac disease which propelled me into the world of gluten-free cooking and baking. I am convinced that gluten-free food can and should be delicious, and I never apologize for serving it.
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  1. I LOVE 31 bags! thanks for the fun giveaway!

  2. I love their cinch bags. they are GREAT for the kids! and their all purpose totes. and their purses. lol :)

  3. I’d love to win this insulated bag. The zipper in my old one just broke. Thanks.

  4. subscribed via RSS

  5. Rachelle says:

    Love that bag, would be perfect for our trip to the beach this summer. I Subscribe via RSS

  6. What a fun giveaway!

  7. I love the skirt purses.

  8. I looked at her catalog and I really like the hostess apron–cute!

  9. I subscribe to RSS

  10. I subscribe via RSS.

  11. I ‘like’ thirty one gifts on facebook!

  12. I am already subscribed to your e-mails.

  13. I posted to facebook!

  14. I love the Tote-Ally beach bag in the catalog. :)

  15. What a fun catalogue! (Tho i found the webpage a challenge to navigate.)

    I love her magazine baskets! I’m a sucker for baskets anyway. :)

  16. What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  17. I like the Wild Zebra Thermal Tote.
    I already subscribe to your email.

  18. Liked, the page.
    Already a subscriber.
    And what isn’t to love in that catalog! I love the thermal bags. So many choices, that taking my dinner with me could make me feel more stylish. I also love the bag with the L on it, but could never figure out what the name of the bag is.

  19. Amber K says:

    I’m subscribed to the e-mails! :)

  20. Everyone can ALWAYS use another tote

  21. Marci Chang says:

    I would love to win that bag! it looks great for my lunch that I bring to work everyday. :-)

  22. I would love to win that bag–cheery :-)

  23. I just liked the Thirty-One Gifts by Denise Facebook page :-)

  24. Love the tote bag – and what a great conversation starter!

  25. Oh loved the catolog and their website, too! These items popped out at me: I like item F–Picnic Thermal Tote on page 20-21 of the catolog as well as the All in One Organizer (item A).

  26. Oh, yes and of course I already subscribe to the email-newsletter. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  27. What a great lunch tote!
    We’d love it!

  28. I ‘liked’ Denise’s thirty-one gifts page on facebook.

  29. I already subscribe to this blog via email.

  30. Of all the catalogue, I like the magazine baskets the best.

  31. Christine Bailey says:

    I liked Thirty-One Gifts By Denise on Facebook!

  32. Christine Bailey says:

    I already get email updates!

  33. Christine Bailey says:

    I posted to facebook!

  34. Christine Bailey says:

    I love all of their stuff, but really want the Hang up Home Organizer! But would be happy winning the thermal tote to carry my lunch in to work!

  35. I looked at the catolog, there is some cute stuff and I like the tote you showed too.

  36. I already receive your emails. Very helpful.

  37. I subscribe by e-mail and look forward to your messages.

  38. I shared on Facebook!

  39. I looked at the catalog and like the wristlets!

  40. Hi, Love this tote/lunch bag; please enter me in the drawing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  41. Hi, I am a loyal follower, please enter me again.

  42. Hi, I’m liking Denise’s book on FB, enter me again.

  43. Cheryl says:

    I am new to being Gluten Free and this tote would be perfect for me to take food with me on trips!
    I subscribe to your website and enjoy your emails.

  44. Barbara says:

    What a beautiful collection! I subscribe to your email, and liked 31 Bags on facebook. Please enter me in the giveaway! :) :) :)

  45. Janis S. says:

    Cute tote! I subscribe to your emails.

  46. Janis S. says:

    I never heard of 31 Bags. I looked at their catalog and they have some great products. I like the hanging organizer on page 11. The baby/kids items would make great gifts.

  47. Janis S. says:

    I posted this on facebook.

  48. This looks like a great bag to take in the car while shopping. I live 25 miles from a town that I can buy GF products. This would be really handy, due to the fact I have hypoglycemia and have to carry things like cheese and milk when I’m away from home. I subscribe by RSS.

  49. Carrie says:

    I subscribe via RSS and “liked” on facebook.

  50. Carrie says:

    I love the hostess apron and the cinch sack from the catalog! Oh, and the blanket and mini organizer! :)

  51. Susan Jacobs says:

    I would love to win this bag….would be great for work!!!

  52. Susan Jacobs says:

    I follow you on Facebook and get e-mail updates. Thanks for all the help with a gluten free diet that is so difficult!!!

  53. Susan Jacobs says:

    I looked at the product catalog and 31 bags has some beautiful bags. I love the Skirt Purse Collection, the Albany Bag, the Cince Top Bucket Bag and the Thermal Bag. Well, I love purses…lol but the Thermal Bag would be perfect for work. I could really use some of the totes to put around my house for all those things that collect everywhere.

  54. Bina H. says:

    Maybe with this cute tote I will actually make proper lunches instead of just a fruit and snack! Also, next year plan on going out of the country and have no idea how gluten free will be there – at least this will tempt me to take proper lunches with me every day!

  55. thank you for the chance to win!

  56. I went to a Thirty-one party and the selection of bags is fantastic. There are bags for all needs.

  57. Colleen M. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to be a winner!

  58. Colleen M. says:

    I am a subscriber via email.

  59. Colleen M. says:

    I loved looking through the catalog and all the coordinated items for the beach were so cute. I couldn’t even pick just one as I liked them ALL!

  60. What a great giveaway!

  61. Stephanie Moore says:

    Just comment here, that’s it?

  62. what a cute bag….

  63. Joan c. says:

    I love your lunch/tote bag & a great give away !!

  64. Liked Thirty-One Gifts By Denise on Facebook

  65. I am subscribed to this blog via RSS

  66. Karen M says:

    I subscribe and love your blog!

  67. Posted this giveaway on my personal Facebook page and Home Spun Magic’s

  68. Sandra C. says:

    Cute bag! funny I was just looking up how to make my own thermal bag and then I see this pop up on the fb feed. :) Hope I win this for hubby who has had celiac disease almost a year now. thanks!

  69. Sandra C. says:

    Oh was I also supposed to say I subscribe to your site on FB? :)

  70. What a cute bag! I love how it is monogrammed “Gluten Free” – great idea!

  71. Sandra C. says:

    I also went and “liked” Thirty-one gifts by denise on Facebook. 😉

  72. these are wonderful…I have a wishlist

    2 toddler backpacks
    Mad for Madras for my Daughter and a Mechanical Geo for my Oldest Son

  73. Sharon says:

    Love it! Want it! :)

  74. Susette says:

    Nice bags! Subscribed via email!

  75. Judy Borawski says:

    What an adorable tote!!!! I use shopping bags and totes all the time. Doing my part by being green!!!!

  76. What a great give-a-way! ! It is beautiful. Great to use in the California heat !

  77. Michelle Valentino says:

    Hi, I would love to win one of those bags. Love all your great info. Thanks :)

  78. Carol Stapleton says:

    subscribe to newsletter & like on facebook. Love 31 gifts!!!

  79. I would love to have this bag for day trips.

  80. My 16 year old daughter (who has celiac disease) would love this tote!

  81. P.S. I receive your blog via e-mail. Thanks!

  82. Kathleen says:

    I subscribe by e-mail and would love this tote. Thanks!!

  83. I loved the magazine basket with what appeared to be paper towels on the handle (?). It would be a great way to organize silverware/plates/paper towels for family bon fires / cook outs!

  84. Heather says:

    I get your blog via email and love that bag!

  85. I also posted this give away on my Facebook page.

  86. Heather says:

    My favorites off the website catalog are Thermal totes, the Pop Crossbody, the Organizing Shoulder bag and the Adventurer Wallet but in a different color or wristlet wallet. Love the small Rosette Clip too. So many choices, I love so much!! A wristlet key fob with a clip on it like the adventurer wallet would be neat too. I like to use things on my wrist or hook to my belt loop/buggy, etc.

  87. I never heard of Thirty-one before, but I will have to look into it. Thanks for the give away.

  88. coleen avery says:

    I subscribe and I love “31” products…especially the matching notepad/laptop organizers. I love the idea of the insulated cooler being labeled as gluten free!!!

  89. I like the storage tote, collapsible cube, and hostess apron.

  90. I subscribed.

  91. S Jensen says:

    I liked 31 Gifts on FB

  92. S Jensen says:

    I subscribe to you via email

  93. S Jensen says:

    I love the lunch tote with the GLUTEN FREE label and hope I win. I could also really see putting some of their square utility totes to good use. They’d come in handy in my library.

  94. These totes look awesome! I would love to win one!

  95. Yes the tote is lovely and I would love to win one. I also wanted to make a comment about the emails I receive. My husband has been having GI symptoms and making a long story short, we have started a gluten-free diet. Getting the recipes have help during this transition period. Thanks!

  96. Just bought a thirty-one bag as a graduation gift but didn’t get myself anything. Loved the quality. Would love one for myself! This one is adorable!

  97. I subscribed to your email!

  98. I subscribe to your email already! Love it too!

  99. I “liked” Thirty one gifts by Denise”. on FB

  100. Love the Large Utility Tote for hauling all my “stuff”…. Love the organizing Utility tote with all the pockets too!

  101. linked this contest on my FB page

  102. It’s so hot here in Vegas lately and this bag would be super handy to keep food cool en route to work or home. I’d love to win it.

  103. I subscribe to your blog updates via email.

  104. I positively love the skirt purses pictured on page 16 and 17 of their catalog — so pretty.

  105. Ann Maurren says:

    Great giveaway, sends a message to all that the food inside is gluten free…

  106. I LOVE this bag!!! I’ve accually been needing to purchase one. Since going GF, I now take my snacks w/ me when running errands. So cute!!!

  107. I ‘liked’ Thirty One Gifts By Denise, on FB!

  108. I subscribed to your blog.

  109. What a great catalog!!! I liked the “Organizing Utility Tote” on pg 27. Great stuff!

  110. I subscribe to you blog and I liked the hostess apron in the catalog. Classy cooking!

  111. Jennifer says:

    That bag looks super cute!

  112. Jennifer says:

    Love the Albany bag in the catalog!

  113. Lesley Brown says:

    This bag is too cute! I would love it!!

  114. Great bag!

  115. cheryl boone says:

    I love it!

  116. cheryl boone says:

    Reminder is more for me. My tummy is bloated after eating a. Hamburger bun. Thought I could eat one and surviethe

  117. cheryl boone says:

    I would keep my gf bread in one

  118. cheryl boone says:

    Would keep gf items in another just like it, a good reminder for me.

  119. Those bags are soooo cute!

  120. i love thirty one products- my kids have a lunch bag from them with elephants on it.
    tcogbill at live dot com

  121. i get your emails
    tcogbill at live dot com

  122. I do not own a thirty-one bag, but have heard great things about them. I hope I can make this bag the beginning of a series of various thirty-one items. Thank you for the offer.

  123. Love the 31 bags. Thanks for all your gluten free help!

  124. I liked Denise on FB

  125. I subscribe via RSS

  126. I liked thirtyone gifts by Denise on Facebook.

  127. I like the all in one organizing tote but the online catalog is really not fun to maneuver.

  128. I posted this giveaway on my Facebook page

  129. I love your website/page. I also own a couple of the thirty one bags and
    love them as well. I have a couple of totes but I think my next purchase would/will be a zippered mid size bag for traveling.
    Thanks! Lora

  130. What a darling bag! It would make me want to go somewhere just to carry my lunch in it :-)

  131. Wow, what a selection of totes. I really like the XXL Everyday Tote.

  132. I subscribe to your emails. Thanks.

  133. I already suscribe to the RSS feed! Thanks!!

  134. Kathleen says:

    I subscribe to your blog by e-mail. I would love tro win the tote!!

  135. I would love the tote lunch bag. My sister just bought one and had it engraved with my niece’s name for her birthday – it was a great present for her first day of school. I am so glad that I found this website – I was just diagnosed with celiac in January and it’s been wonderful having a place to go to find recipes and gather information to help me understand this a bit better.

  136. I would love one of these! Thanks for the chance!

  137. I love the Organizing Wallet!

  138. Rachel B. says:

    I like Denise’s page on FB (Schkinner Saves)
    schkinner at yahoo dot com

  139. Rachel B. says:

    Email subscriber
    schkinner at yahoo dot com

  140. Rachel B. says:

    I love the organizing wallet in Hampton Taupe!
    schkinner at yahoo dot com

  141. Rachel B. says:
  142. Rachel B. says:

    Subscribe via Google reader (Rachel Bonson)
    schkinner at yahoo dot com

  143. Kerry Landhauser says:

    Love the insulated products/totes!!!!! So adorable and fashionable. Would feel proud to “tote” it around with “my” food in it :)

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