The Flavor Bible: Review & Giveaway


Over a year ago I purchased The Flavor Bible by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page, and it quickly became my favorite “cookbook.”  I use quotation marks because it is not really a cookbook.  The subtitle is:  The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs.

This book is ideal for anyone who likes to get creative in the kitchen, even if only a little bit.  Have you ever thought, “I have __________ that needs to be used.  I wonder what would go well with it?”  If so, this book is for you!

The main part of the book is basically an index of foods.  You look up a particular food, and the book lists other foods, including herbs and spices, that go well with it.  Different levels of recommendation are represented by bolding, capitals, and asterisks.

The only thing I don’t like about the book is that is doesn’t seem as easy as it should be to look up foods.  I find that my eyes are always  scanning the whole page as I flip through trying to get to the right place.  Maybe words at the top of the page, like in a dictionary, would be helpful.  Alphabetical cutout tabs would be fantastic.

Once time (I think it only happened once) I was surprised (shocked, really) that a particular pairing wasn’t listed.  While this is a flavor bible, it’s not THE Bible.  Just because something isn’t listed doesn’t mean it won’t work.  Don’t let the book limit you.

Having said that, I think this book would is a great resource for just about any cook.  It truly is a guide to culinary creativity.  I know it has helped me in my creativity.  I think that my experiments end up turning out well more often.  I used it to create recipes such as r\Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Coconut, Honeyed Grapefruit with Pecans, and Lemon Blueberry Trifle.  All are recipes with flavor combinations that I love.

I was so pleased with this book that I gave it as a Christmas gift to a couple of family members last year, and they really liked it.  A couple of other family members received, What to Drink with What You Eat, a book by the same authors.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and this book would be helpful if you want to create some new dishes for the meal.  Or, with Christmas coming up, you might want to consider putting The Flavor Bible on your wish list or giving it as a gift to someone.

You can find out more about the authors at their site,

The Giveaway: I’m giving away one copy of The Flavor Bible to one winner.

  • This giveaway is limited to U.S. residents 18 and older.
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  • Enter by leaving a comment on this post.
  • The giveaway begins October 29, 2012 and ends on November 3, 2012 at 11:00 pm eastern time .

No purchase is necessary.  Odds of winning are based on the number of entries.  The winners will be randomly chosen and will be contacted by email.  The winners will have 24 hours to respond.  If the winner does not respond, a new winner will be randomly chosen.

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  1. Jennifer M. says

    Sounds like something I could really use! I totally cook this way. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Donna says

    I love to cook and collect cookbooks. This sounds different than any I have seen. Thanks for the offer.

  3. Megan R says

    What an awesome book! I am always mixing stuff seeing if they “work” together! My husband might cook/season more if he had this book as a reference! We ladies know how nice that would be 😉 Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. says

    Wow this is great. I am a health coach and came across your website when I started working with a gluten sensitive client. We both love your website and your offer just put the icing on the cake!


  5. Cathy says

    I just became gluten and lactaid free. I am very confused as to the have and have nots.have nots. I would love to win this book.

  6. April says

    I’ve been eyeing this book for a while, it would be fantastic to finally be able to own it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. JillW says

    This book sounds like just what I need to kick my cooking prowess up a notch. My family eats all organic, but it is so tough to find organics in our neck of the woods that I can’t be choosy. “I have ____ I need to use” is my daily mode of operation in the kitchen, then. But I’m too often learning things that DON’T work the hard way. I hope I am blessed enough to win this book. My family will surely be grateful. 😉 Thanks for the recommendation, Linda!

  8. Victoria Graves says

    When it comes to pairing foods and spices, my husband has a natural knack. Me? Not so much. My palate can barely tell the difference between Yorks Peppermint Patties and toothpaste. My hubby doesn’t cook very often, so this book would be a huge help for me, smile. I love to be creative and try new things but fear ruining a dish by my experimentation.
    Sounds like a really great book!

  9. Becky says

    This book has been on my Wish List for ages! I am not one to be adventurous with my cooking unless I have some type of guide. This would be perfect!

  10. Karen says

    I would LOVE this book. I’m kind of a ‘dump’ cook in that I am always just winging it but sometimes I just want to play with new flavor combinations and am not sure how two flavors would work together. I’ve had my eye on this since it came out and would love to give this book a home!

  11. Pam says

    This book sounds great. I love to cook from scratch…i get to control the quality of ingredients. This would certainly add to my sorry list of meals.

  12. Grace S. says

    What a great reference this would be! I love to try new combinations….but we don’t always love the results. :-) Sounds like this book would be a perfect fit.

  13. patricia J says

    I love trying new food combinations and being creative. This book sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Terri says

    Sounds like it would be very helpful when you crave a certain flavor, or when you have groceries you need to use up like Linda said. I would love to win a copy!

  15. Laurel says

    Interesting concept! I’m always experimenting in the kitchen so I could use this.

  16. Teresa I says

    I would really benefit from this book! I’ve been kind of boring in the kitchen never knowing what flavors or spices go well with what. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  17. says

    Sounds like this book would be a great resource for helping me know how to use all these fresh/organic herbs that I seem to be collecting (and drying). I am really enjoying our organic, gluten-dairy-egg free, low-glycemic meals, but feel overwhelmed at times.

  18. Amber Leeming says

    I’d love to have a copy of this. I need help with being creative in the kitchen.

  19. Denise Clark says

    I’d love this cookbook. I was diagnosed gluten intolerant last year and am this would help me very much. I have gotten some gluten free cookbooks but this would allow me to be more creative.

  20. Dana says

    That looks like a great resource! I’m a wimp about different spices so it might help me out!

  21. Marci H says

    I would love a copy of this book. I would like very much to branch out of my comfort zone some and try to “create” meals, but I know very little about herbs/spices and what goes with what. Sure would make my day to win and try it out.

  22. Jennifer D. says

    This looks amazing!! I would love to try this out on my family…

  23. Margaret Mitsock says

    Hi! I cook free of Gluten, dairy, soy, yeast and eggs. If this still covers me then Pleeeeezzzee send me one! I promise to share the great food with friends, family and my patients!!

  24. Jeanne Leder says

    The book sounds like it would be really helpful in varying our ways of cooking here in our house. I’m really intrigued by it, and would love to win!

  25. Beth Johnson says

    I would like to win this book. Never realize gluten must be a spice considering many gluten free foods I have tried just don’t taste good.

  26. Sharon says

    Oh yeah I need this!!! Always wondering about what goes with what and how I can make it happen :)

  27. Janice says

    I would love to win this. I am in such a cooking rut and need some fresh ideas. My husband and kids would definitely appreciate something new!

  28. Vicky S says

    I’m always trying new healthy ways in gf cooking. But my mother who is not cd, loves to learn to cook gf. She just mentioned to me the other day,”How can we make this Thanksgiving all gf for you. I’m sure the family should learn this way of eating.” I was thrilled. I am in my 50’s and my mother is her late 70’s. If I win this book I will share with my mother who loves to cook gf.

    Cooking tip I learned by accident is to add fresh or dried plums in with your meat while it is cooking for that extra sweetness and tenderness, so yummy!!

  29. Carole says


  30. Nancy S. says

    I have been dealing with alergies and gluten free cooking since a year ago this past July. I am constantly looking for which spice goes with what so I can get some flavor for different meats and vegetables to compensate for the things that I cannot eat. I think it would be invaluable to me. I would be so thrilled to win it.

  31. Amanda Mitchell says

    I would Love to have “The Flavor Bible”. Maybe my husband will eat more if it taste better. I’m still learning. Thanks

  32. Jane Norton says

    Exploding with flavors has been so key in my healing since my celiac diagnosis! It’s been empowering to be able mix, match, and try things I hadn’t dream of. Maybe if I don’t win I’ll buy it anyway!

  33. Kelsey H says

    Sounds perfect for those leftover ingredients from another recipe. Would love to win, thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Deborah Bean says

    I always wondered where master chefs got the ideas for new combinations.

  35. Carol says

    My daughter and I were diagnosed earlier this year as gluten intolerant, this book would be a huge help with our new way of cooking and eating. Thanks for your posts.

  36. Amanda Spencer says

    This sounds fabulous!!! I am constantly rummaging around my pantry and freezer wondering what to cook for dinner.

  37. emaliah82 says

    Oh my gosh! I have never heard of this book and am sooooo excited about it that I just requested it from the library. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to win a copy as my little daughter and I spend a ton of time in the kitchen and I am always looking to learn as many tips and tricks as possible to make my cooking better. Thanks for doing this very generous giveaway!!!!

  38. Kimberly S.P. says

    Wow! Exciting cookbook-I could use tips on increasing flavored in my meals!

  39. Sophia Roccucci says

    I really want this book. I have been eyeing it for awhile. Fingers crossed.

  40. shirley says

    This book sounds great. Looking forward to new ideas! Thank you for writing it.

  41. Jill Wilkins says

    This looks like a great cookbook. Thanks for the giveaway and chance at winning it!

  42. Christi-An Miceli says

    I love experimenting in the kitchen. I am trying to get the family to widen their horizons on flavors. I am also trying to help a single young lady get recipes for one.

  43. says

    This sounds very good! I am gluten, dairy, and soy free, and any help or tidbits is a HUGE blessing!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Galatians 6:2

    I’m an Yahoo! Voices writer! You can view my articles at:

    I have an Etsy Shop. Please take a look, and feel free to leave suggestions!

  44. Jacqlin says

    This looks interesting… I’ve never seen anything like it. I’d love to have it!

  45. Kari S. says

    Sounds wonderful. Learning to cook all over again using whole, unprocessed foods. Would love this book!

  46. Laura Legare says

    I am a “by the recipe” type of cook. I guess I am just too afraid I would mess things up. I’d love to try to be a little more creative in the kitchen.

  47. Mari says

    Sounds like a great book, especially for one who is exploring the joys of cooking:)

  48. Karesha Bailey says

    I do not think I’m a very creative cook but I would like to be. This sounds interesting. My husband usually supportive when I experiment with new foods so at least I have a willing “taste-tester”. :)

  49. Jill Hartley says

    With the winter months approaching this would be an awesome prize to win to explore m culinary horizons!

  50. colleen rudisell says

    Took a Paleo cooking class. The chefs were raving about this book. It is on my Christmas list!!

  51. Tracee W says

    I am an amateur in the kitchen. I could really use this! Any help is appreciated, lol! :)

  52. Donna Porteous says

    This cookbook should be great just to eat healthier! Thanks for being so generous! Mmm roasted sweet potatoes with coconut sounds wonderful!

  53. Tonja S. says

    this looks wonderful. I’m always looking for new recipes to try for my family.

  54. Vicki Gischia says

    Would love to win The Flavor Bible. Trying to make food that is not only gluten free but food that tastes good for everyone, is somewhat challenging. I’m always looking for new ideas nd flavors!

  55. Julie Lamaack says

    I love cookbooks and I would really enjoy trying to find something new to cook for my hubby!!

  56. Shelley Marsh says

    My daughter (who is 28) and I are both gluten free. I am happy she is becoming a “foodie” and would love to give her this book! Of course I would want to borrow it, or buy one for myself!

  57. Lisa Blackburn says

    I have a family of 5 plus my parents who are relatively new to gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free, and sugarless eating. My mom has systemic Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, and all 3 of my children have food sensitivities, allergies, and chronic acid reflux. I can’t even put down in words how invaluable it would be to have the reference book you are giving away. I am generally pretty creative in the kitchen and jump at the challenge to overcome obstacles, but our diet restrictions have really presented more of a challenge than I’m up for and I know the Flavor Bible would give me great ideas and tips! I know every other entrant on here would love to have the book as much as I. Thanks for this opportunity!

  58. Aisha Fish says

    Sounds like an interesting book to have on hand! My husband really likes to get creative in the kitchen. This would be the book for him!

  59. candykong says

    i am very interesting how to cook a good meal with different flavor. i would like to have this book!

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