Surfing Saturday 6-4-11

hot-air-baloon I’ll be attending a wedding on this lovely day here in Maryland.  I still have not gotten anything planted in my garden and hope to do that soon.  Do you have a garden this year?

Gluten-Free/Celiac (I do not necessarily agree with these articles, just passing along the information.)

Setting the Record Straight on Gluten-Free Eating and Celiac Disease
Will Gluten-Free Diet Prevent Childhood Diabetes?
Rep. Moran, Democrats Urge FDA to Define Gluten-Free Labeling
Celiac Safe Wheat Coming Soon—Maybe
Female Hormones and Autoimmune Disease–The Connection

Cooking/Recipes (not necessarily gluten-free but adaptable and/or inspirational)

Grilled Avocados
Roasted Tomato Soup
Baked Parmesan Zucchini Sticks


Easy Ways to Preserve Produce
5 Ways to Stay Disciplined When Working From Home
Summertime New Uses for Old Things
Homemade Lib Balm

Computer/Internet Tools

Task Management Board
6 Websites That Can Help You Become an Educated, Ethical, and Safe Shopper

Animal/Nature Photos

Most Fascinating Geological Wonders on Earth
Underwater Photography
Dolphin and Cat (no follow)
60 Examples of Fantastic Dog Photography

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  1. I don’t feel quite so badly about my garden, now. Thanks.

    We have an extremely short growing season here. I did put out tomatoes from the health food store yesterday (and just realized i forgot to cover them, so they may be dead now). We have overnight lows down into the 30s and 20s into June. I’ve a few things started in the house but i don’t think they get quite enough sun and aren’t really doing all that well. The onions, which don’t mind cold, are growing.

  2. I still haven’t planted anything either! Hope you’re having a great time today!

    Following from the SITS group… I love all of the information you have here!

  3. We have two big gardens and are still planting them! We are getting lots of rain so that has put off the planting.

    Mmmm…grilled avocados. I have discovered recently that I like avocados and my sister has been doing a lot of grilling recently. I’ll have to show her that recipe :)

    I always enjoy your Surfing Saturday :)

  4. Anne Marie says:

    I’ve had heirloom tomatoes in for a while, added beans, peppers and radishes recently. Have a whole herd of herbs in pots and they are doing great. It’s been very dry here this week, need to get out and water everything. Just picked two cups of black raspberries this morning from a volunteer bush that appeared last year, yum!

  5. Grilled avocados??? YUM!

    I did get a garden started last month, after reaping the meager rewards of late planting last year. I’ve got cute little veggies and leafy greens popping up everywhere, and I just discovered 10 little baby grape bunches starting on my grape vine (that’s 8 more than I’ve ever gotten from this plant! I’m so stoked!).

    Hope you are able to get to your soon :)

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