Surfing Saturday 6-23-12

Summer is officially here and there was no doubt about it with our temperatures this week.  I hope you are all staying cool.

The Gluten-Free Homemaker a Year (or Two) Ago
Zucchini Cakes
Citrus Cinnamon Chicken
Reading Labels Part 2
CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

Trip Advisor: Call Hotels to Find Gluten-Free Meals
Are You Gluten Free and Still Feeling Sick?
Gluten-Free at Free Hotel Breakfast Buffets

Cooking/Recipes (not necessarily gluten-free but adaptable and/or inspirational)
Spicy Lentil Dahl
Dr. Pepper Barbecue Sauce

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  1. Gluten-free and more says

    Thank you for sharing these, I love reading them!

    I clicked over to the piece about travelling when gluten-free, and got so mad! I know you do not have connections to or endorse other people’s content. But when I tried to leave a comment on the TripAdvisor website, it wouldn’t let me do so without providing Facebook info – and I don’t have a Facebook account! So if I can, may I just vent here for a bit? Again, I know this is not your posting, but I hope I can just get this out so that maybe some reader will see it and think through the pros and cons of doing what the website suggests. Thank you for your indulgence!

    To the TripAdvisor:

    I’d have to take issue with your suggestion that a gluten free traveler simply ask the hotel if they have gluten-free options or search the buffet for something that might look acceptable (e.g. eggs, juice, or other available item). The problem here is likely to be cross-contamination. It is quite likely, if not almost certain, that those eggs have been handled alongside a piece of gluten-filled toast, or that other individuals staying at the hotel are unknowingly passing through the buffet serving themselves using tongs that have transfered deadly crumbs from one item to the other. It’s a problem in the handling of the food, not simply the provision of it. Even in the provision of food, how is one to know that the regular food preparers are taking the requisite care and maintaining a separate cooking surface, utensils, etc.? If fresh fruit is cut with a knife or on a cutting board that is near gluten items, problems are likely to occur. Even packaged food can be cross-contaminated in the factory itself – think rice puffs or other cereals that are processed in a facility that also processes wheat, rye, and other gluten-filled grains.

    There is a huge difference between those hotel guests who follow a gluten free food plan because of their preference, and those who follow it for strict medical reasons. For the former, no harm is likely to come from a small ingestion of crumbs. For the latter, it can mean days and even weeks of pain and misery, not to mention the medical harm inside our bodies. This is not to say that business travel cannot occur – I myself have traveled for business extensively over the past 3 weeks – but it is a tricky path to take. I often have to simply bring my own food with me, either non-perishable items I know are safe, or buy fresh uncut fruit and cut it myself in my hotel room. It is simply not worth compromising my health to accommodate. In fact, I’ve been “glutened” (i.e. exposed to gluten accidently) while traveling recently and have paid the price with pain a and health set-backs. Yes, it a nuisance and not always possible to lug around one’s own food, but there are pros and cons that should be known. (The same might be said for others with additional or separate serious allergies/conditions such as lactose, casein, peanuts, etc.) Please make these known to readers, and then let them make decisions for themselves with full knowledge of what might happen and the risk they are assuming. Each traveller must decide for him/herself, but it should be an informed decision.”

    Thank you again if you allow me the space on your excellent blog to share my thoughts. I appreciate it, and the work you do in writing and putting together our Surfing content along with all your other posts!

    • says

      I don’t mind at all that you vented here. It’s just too bad that you couldn’t do it there. I completely agree with you on the issue. Also, thanks for the blogging encouragement. It really helps to hear from people that they appreciate my content.

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