Surfing Saturday


Surfing Saturday is a weekly feature where I share with you links from around the Internet.  The topics I cover reflect topics that are of interest to me and which might also be of interest to you.  I usually include the following categories, though it might change from time to time:

  • Gluten-Free and/or Celiac Information – These could be links to news articles, studies, or general information.  Please read the disclaimer below.
  • Cooking/Recipes – The recipes in these links are not necessarily gluten free, but if not, they are usually easily adaptable or I just think they might inspire you to make a similar gluten-free version.
  • Home/Family – This is a broad category that can cover all kinds of topics such as cleaning, parenting, gardening, home maintenance, etc.
  • Computer – Here you fill find links to articles that will help you in using the computer, downloads which might be useful, online tools, etc.
  • Animal & Nature Photos – I simply enjoy these and share them with you.  Occasionally I will link to a video.


  • I do not necessarily endorse everything that is written in articles, particularly ones about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet, but I do believe there is useful information or information of interest.
  • I do not have an affiliation with any companies, though I may occasionally link to a friend.
  • I do not guarantee that all the sites are safe for your computer, but would never link to something that my own software believes might be harmful.
  • I try to keep all links family friendly, but I apologize if an inappropriate advertisement shows up on a page.  Ads change frequently so I never know what will be there when you click on a link.

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