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This is a heron who stopped by our little backyard pond recently.  Between herons and hawks, our fish are all gone.

We’ll get more in the spring along with better ways to help them hide.


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  1. Oh Linda! I’m so sorry to hear about the heron visiting you. I know what that’s like. My hubby built this gorgeous waterfall/pond in our backyard, only to have it frequented by a Great Blue Heron! Yikes! So…after shooing it away and sending the dogs after it, we knew we had to come up with a solution that prevented the demise of our fish.

    Ken took a two-pronged approach – creating a barrier around the pond that the heron wouldn’t cross, and creating a barrier across the top to prevent the hawks from diving in. The outer barrier is deer fencing, it’s lightweight and is strung on outdoor deck balasters. It overlaps the balasters, going across the pond by roughly 2 feet. Heron’s have LONG necks…and a far reach. The fencing disappears into the landscaping that surrounds the pond. Then, across the top of the pond, we criss-crossed 100 lb test fishing line using the balasters to wrap them.

    Since then, the heron has come, tried to get close to the pond, hits the fencing and jumps back. After numerous attempts, the heron has since moved on…yet, we keep these defenses up to prevent others from coming in.

    If you need more details – email me.

    • Thanks, Helen. Those are great tips. I really like birds and while I’m sorry that they eat the fish, I enjoy watching them. We do shoo them off before they catch any fish, but apparently they come back when we’re not around and get them. I’m not sure what we’ll do, but we will wait till spring to figure it out. I’ll let you know if I have more questions then.

  2. Hi Linda, I enjoyed reading the 25 Clever tips to make life easier. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well.

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