Sugar Free August Week 2

During this second week of being refined sugar free I noticed a couple of things.  First, it was easier.  My desire for sugary foods was gone.  However, except for a support group meeting, I wasn’t around any gluten-free desserts.

I did make coconut macaroons to take to that meeting, but I made them with coconut palm sugar, and I never ate more than 2 in a day.

The second thing I noticed was that foods are tasting sweeter to me.  Some of you told me that would happen, and I expect it to increase.  I first noticed it when I was eating a grape tomato.  They are sweet as tomatoes go, but when I popped on in my mouth recently, my first thought was, “Wow, that’s really sweet!”

I don’t have any weight loss to report this week despite the fact that I continue to reduce the amount of grains and starchy foods I am eating.  I have increased my exercise, though, and might be gaining a little muscle weight.

My goal of being refined sugar free this month has morphed in a goal of increasing my overall health by improving both diet and exercise.  I’m beginning to see a slight increase in energy levels, and I feel good about the steps I’m taking.

I’d love to hear from you all.  If you’re trying to go sugar free with me, how’s it going?  If not, do you have another health goal that you’re working on?

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  1. Sue R says

    Towards the end of 2006 I learned I was type II diabetic. During my journey to better health after that diagnosis I learned I was gluten intollerant. Somewhere along the way I convieniently forgot I was also diabetic. This was easier to do because I’ve been able to maintain my A1c via diet alone, no meds until this year. Now I’m on Metformin and it was a wake up call to start watching those carbs again. I’ve been testing my blood sugar levels more and guess what, gluten free flours & starches haven’t been my friend even though they taste after going without my favorite breads, pastas and muffins after the gluten intollerance showed up.

    So, now I’m focusing on getting my blood sugars down to healthy level with diet alone and have cut the carbs as much as possible – carbs from GF flours & starches, from sugars and from potatoes and rices. Oh, and fruits too – a cup of bing cherries affects my blood sugar as much as a candy bar would!

    I’m getting bored with my meals of veggies and protein, but I’m also feeling less stressed and my stomach problems have settled down. I’m only 1/2 way through week 2, but so far I really am still missing my food treats. Foods have always been my treat, my reward – the sweeter the better.

    I’ll have to try and notice the sweetness in other foods, am heading to the farmer’s market on Sat!

    • says

      Sue, gluten-free flours and starches can definitely affect blood sugar levels. It’s good that you are changing your diet to try and control the diabetes. This week I am really limiting fruit for the reason you mentioned–blood sugar levels. I don’t miss it very much yet. It hasn’t been long though, and I’m afraid I’ll end up getting bored with the meat and vegetables. But hopefully I’ll feel better and lose weight and that will provide motivation to stick with it. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. says

    So glad you’re recognizing changes so early on. 😀 Things definitely do taste sweeter, even when using refined sugar. I always end up using less unrefined sugars than other people would because it just tastes so sweet. And just a tiny bit of refined sugar sends my body into overdrive. Good thing I rarely have refined sugar! 😀

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