Sugar Free August Week 1

Last week I shared with you that I’m am eating free of refined sugar for the month of August.  I was thrilled that a number of you commented here, on Facebook, and through email that you were interested in joining me.

Refined Sugar Free

It’s been surprisingly easy for me so far.  The first couple of days I had sugar cravings in the evening, right after I ate dinner and for several hours after.  I found that eating some fruit or having a fruit smoothie helped get me through.

I know that part of the reason is was not as difficult as I expected is because I have been limiting the amount of sugar I eat for the past six months.  However, I’m only one week into this and I do expect it to get harder at times.  Not so much because of cravings but because of circumstances.

Being summer, I’m not interested in doing a lot of baking.  If I continue to stay sugar free into the fall, it will be harder and I might work on trying to use natural sugars more.  There also weren’t any social events this week where I was tempted to make or eat a gluten-free dessert.

I lost two pounds in the past week, but not all of that was due to being sugar free.  I am also limiting grains and starchy foods.  I don’t do well eliminating them completely, but I have noticed that in the evening they affect blood sugar levels and weight much more easily.  So, for now my plan is to have small portions of carbs at breakfast and lunch and possibly afternoon snack, but not at dinner or anytime after.

While weight loss was not my main goal of going sugar free this month, it is my hope that I will lose some.  I will try this plan for now and see how it works.

For those of you who are joining me, how is it going for you?  What has been your biggest struggle?

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  1. says

    I’m trying to cut down on total sugars, but especially refined sugars, too, although I find that I really need protein in the morning. Late afternoon and into the evening I have the strongest craving for sweets, so I’ve been eating my own frozen cherry-banana-almond milk bars lately. The hardest time is when we’re away from home and I’m tempted by old habits — like sharing a treat with my husband. Even if it’s a little treat, I can tell the sugar is there!

  2. Cathy says

    I have done this same thing for a little over a month. I eat whatever I want other than that–plenty of fat, etc., and my belly is just shrinking, which never happens. Even as a size 6 I still had a belly!

  3. says

    Way to go, Linda! Sounds like you are doing great!! I know that for me, once I get past the first week or so, I really do stop craving them…but that hardest time is after dinner and before bed… 😀

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