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Steam is an efficient and moist method of cooking food.  I often steam vegetables, but sometimes I use steam when I simply want to speed up cooking time.

For example, recently I was roasting a large pan of potatoes, and they were taking longer than the rest of the dinner.  I added a little water to the pan and covered it with foil, and the potatoes were tender in no time.

I also do this with fried eggs.  I start them out in the frying pan as usual, then add a little water, cover it with a lid, and turn the heat down.  The eggs turn out just how I like them.

Do you like to use steam as a method of cooking?

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  1. Terri says

    A friend from India gave me a tip when teaching me about Indian food, but works for any food. When you start a dish with sauteing onions in oil, butter or ghee, add a little water and cover to make the onions soft – to go into a curry sauce or any other dish (what good dish does not start with onions?).

  2. says

    Steaming works great for eggs, as you describe. Also, I especially like using it for vegetables so that they cook fast and don’t lose as many nutrients. Their color is brighter, too, so they look more appetizing.

  3. KimH says

    I steam lots of foods.. I bought a veggie steamer took it to work to use to reheat my breakfasts & lunches because I didnt want to use the microwave any more. Its been working beautifully.. I just place my food in a bowl or wrapped in foil and steam away for about 10-20 minutes.. Its piping hot & I havent denatured or turned my food into carcinogens.

    • says

      That’s a great idea! I don’t like using the microwave to reheat food, even if it’s not a shared oven. I never would have thought of using something like that steamer for reheating food. It might be a good option for some traveling situations too.

  4. says

    I don’t steam things too often, but your suggestion to speed up cooking potatoes sounds like something I’ll have to try the next time my timing is off. My timing is off pretty often, so I’ll probably have a chance to try your technique pretty soon. Where I do use steam is if I find myself in the predicament of having to heat something in the microwave. I put a bit of water in the bottom of the bowl before nuking it. The water heats up much more quickly than the dry stuff, and the steam it creates heats the rest of the dish. This technique works best if the bowl is covered. I’d much rather have steamed food than microwave-scorched food any day!

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