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This weekend I’m attending a gluten-free cookie exchange, and I bet a lot of you will be baking gluten-free cookies this month.

I like to use silicone baking mats to line my cookie sheets.  I like that they are reusable, they keep my cookie sheets cleaner looking, and they work well.

What I don’t like is that they seem to absorb oil.  I wash my mats really well in hot soapy water so that they feel perfectly clean and free of grease, but after they have been stored and I take them out again, they feel greasy.

silicone baking mats

So here’s my kitchen tip.  After you have washed and dried the mat, place a paper towel on top, roll the mat, and secure it with a rubber band.  The paper towel will absorb the oils and the neatly rolled mat will store nicely in a drawer.

Do you have any tips for using baking mats?

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    The oil coming from the mats is actually from the silicon. After finding oil coming from my heat-proof silicon utensils I began an epic internet search to find out what was going on and the general consensus seemed to be that regular heating of silicon at high temperatures may cause it to break down and when the oil starts appearing it is best to replace the utensil with a new one. I have no problem using silicon but I always make sure it’s ‘fresh’. You may have noticed that any silicon utensils you have that don’t come into contact with high heat (mixing spoon?) doesn’t have the oil problem.

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      That’s interesting. The silicone baking mats are too expensive to replace that often. I might have to quit using them. I’ve not had the same problem with my cooking utensils.

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    Hi Linda,
    While I was reading your post here — very interesting, too — I noticed that you have an iStockphoto ad (or two). My husband Al and I were looking at iStockphoto earlier today, selecting some pictures, and the odd thing is that your page’s ads shows the very photos we were looking at! They are getting way too smart about this stuff, don’t you think? I’ve gotten used to Google putting Adwords on a page that have to do with its content and with my history, but I didn’t realize iStockphoto would do it too.

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      Pat, that was probably a Google ad for iStockphoto. I don’t sell ad space to them directly. I just recently learned that Google search results are tailored to sites you visit which means some of my blog posts are not doing as well in search results as I thought. :)

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