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Reading Labels Part 1

grocery shopping

You are in the store trying to buy a seasoning mix, salad dressing, pasta sauce, or marinade, and you don’t know if it’s gluten free.  How do you figure it out?  This is a topic that needs to be addressed repeatedly for people who are new to the gluten-free diet.  Figuring out what is gluten-free […]


1 in 133: Gluten-Free Food Labeling Summit


Wednesday, May 4th was the big event—a Gluten-Free Food Labeling Summit.  The purpose of the event was to draw attention to the FDA’s inaction on finalizing standards for gluten-free labeling. As a symbol of what a big deal this is, the event featured the world’s largest gluten-free cake which was unofficially measured to be 11 […]


Gluten-Free Labeling: Time for Action

Right now there are no set standards for the use of the term “gluten free” on food labels, despite that fact that four years ago the Food and Drug Administration was tasked with finalizing standards for gluten free labeling.  It is time for that to change. Jules Shepard and John Forberger are taking action and they […]


Problems with Food Labeling

The article Review of thousands of food items leads companies to pull products from shelves discusses how the Chicago Tribune found mislabeled products at stores in the Chicago area. The Tribune reviewed labels and conducted laboratory tests, alerting manufacturers to problems. As a result, some manufacturers are recalling products or changing the labels. The article […]


Frequently Asked Questions

As a blogger I get lots of questions in comments and emails, and they’re often the same questions. For the sake of being efficient with my time (not writing the same response over and over), I’m compiling my answers to common questions here. Gluten-Free Ingredients Gluten is found in wheat, rye, and barley. Other foods, […]


ALO Beverages Review & Giveaway


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALO Drink for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. ALO is a brand of beverages that contain aloe vera juice. You know that aloe vera is good for burns, right? Well, it’s also good for your body when consumed internally. It contains vitamins, minerals, […]


Italian Sausage with Quinoa and Broccoli


This Italian Sausage with Quinoa and Broccoli is very similar to my Italian Sausage and Pasta recipe. Both recipes include broccoli and are a one-dish, stove-top meal that is perfect for summer. If you don’t eat grains, but do eat quinoa, which is technically a seed and often called a pseudo-grain, then this recipe is […]


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