Schar Re-Launches Gluten-Free Breads

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If you’ve been buying gluten-free products for a while, you might have come across Schar, a leader in gluten-free products. Schar is based in Europe, and they sell over 30 gluten-free items in the US.

Schar has recently re-launched three of their bread products: Sub Sandwich Rolls, Ciabatta Rolls, and Baguettes! Sub sandwiches are not something I ate very often before, but they were something I really enjoyed occasionally. I would love to have a sub sandwich again.

Schar will be sending me samples of each of these re-launched breads, and I can’t wait to try them. I bet the baguettes and ciabatta would be great with soup or pasta meals. Be looking for my review with photos of the products next month.

For a limited time Schar is providing free samples of the Ciabatta rolls to the first 2,000 Schar Club members who request them!  Being a part of the Schar Club has benefits such as free product samples and coupons as well as advice on how to live a gluten-free lifestyle, an the latest gluten-free news. Schar is a brand that cares for their customers.

Note that free sample kits will only be sent to the first 2,000 members that request them. Once you sign up for the Schar club, on the left hand side you will see a column titled “toolbox” under that column, you will find the word “Giveaways”, click that and then you will be taken to the page to order your free Ciabatta sample!

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  1. says

    Oh bread, I have given up on trying different gluten free breads. I got sick of wasting money and throwing out food. So hopefully I am one of the 2,000 so I can try for free. I signed up for the email club so I can get coupons since Woodmans carries a few of their products. Thanks

    • says

      I was thinking the same thing! I’ll certainly try for free, but don’t want to waste any money. Especially since I’m still looking for gluten-free bread that is gum-free!

  2. jerri says

    I discovered their sub rolls a month ago, and they are absolutely delicious!! You heat them up for 5 minutes…give or take, and it’s sandwich time…yeah!!!
    Also, tried the ciabatta…excellent!!! They aren’t cheap but who cares?

    Their shortbread cookies, and vanilla wafers are top notch, also. You really can’t tell the difference.
    I love Schar!!!!

  3. JillW says

    Oooh, thanks! Haven’t seen Schar around here, but I volunteer at a health food store and was just looking into their products yesterday! Hoping to get to try a product before I recommend that the store stock it. We recently found Sweet Escapes g-f hoagies a la carte at our local Smiling Moose restaurant. They’re good for that occasional craving, but pricey and a far drive from our house. Really appreciate the try-before-you-buy opportunity when it comes to g-f bread!

  4. Blue says

    When I was still living in Germany, Schär used to be my number one brand for gluten free bread. My favorites were Rustico (a darker bread) and their baguette. I haven’t bought their breads in a while, since I bake myself to economize and probably also because they haven’t had too much of a selection in the US yet. Thanks for making me aware of the Giveaway for club members.

  5. Shari Hegland says

    Thanks! I don’t know if my local stores have these, but I just signed up and requested the giveaway.

  6. says

    When I was living in Italy… I blamed Schar for much of my weight gain! They make delicious products (not a sponsored comment!). As with many GF breads, I would only eat their sliced bread toasted… but the rolls were more tolerable if you couldn’t get to a toaster. They make amazing crackers – oh… and the cookies….

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