Save and Organize Recipes with Clipix

There are many great recipes and food ideas online, but sometimes I forget where I saw a recipe. It’s frustrating to go back and search for that great idea I saw somewhere, but not be able to find it.

Clipix can be used to bookmark any site you want come back to, but it’s particularly good for recipes because it saves an image from the site. When you find a recipe you want to save, you can clip it with the click of a toolbar button and save it to a clipboard.

Clipix board

Clipboards are a way to organize your clips. I’ve created clipboards for desserts, appetizers, vegetables, smoothies, and more.

Clipix boards

I like the fact that I can share clipboards or choose to keep them private. I can also group my boards into multiboards. This allows you to further organize your clipboards. Here is an example of a multiboard where I put multiple recipe categories on one recipe multiboard.

Clipix Multiboard

You can also have syncboards that allow you to collaborate with other people. It sounds like a great way to plan a large family meal where multiple people are contributing.

It is free to try clipix, so why not give it a try? If you still have questions, you can learn more by watching this video.

What would you like to use Clipix for?

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  1. says

    Very cool, I haven’t heard of clipix before! Would you say it’s similar to Pinterest?? Like that you can keep private boards.

    • says

      Hi Jenn. Yes, it is very similar to Pinterest, but they asked us not to compare the two. I also like the private boards, and I think the multiboards take organizing up a step. I can see using this to organize bookmarks to many pages, even informational ones that aren’t picture oriented.

  2. Amelia says

    I just tried it out and gotta say I love it so far. @Jenn- The difference is that their are actual privacy options for clipix vs. in pinterest anyone and everyone can check out your boards.

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