1. kristen pearson says:

    Hi, just discovered your website through an article in Mother Earth News-looking forward to trying some of your yummy looking recipes

  2. Vickie says:

    My husband has a severe case of Dermatitus Herpetiformis. I really appreciate your constant emails with all the helpful tips and recipes. The last 2 1/2 years have been very stressful keeping gluten away from him. His intolerance is so severe he basically lives in a bubble and cannot go in the public. When he breaks out with a bad case of the blisters, they are so painful, at times he just wants to die. This publication looks very informative and helpful.
    Thank you, Vickie n Dave

  3. I recently became gluten free to reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Last week I attended the funeral of my uncle, the third of my mom’s siblings to die of Alzheimer’s Disease. She is the last living sibling, in a nursing home and living with Alzheimer’s. Putting two and two together… and looking at ways to save my own, my sibling’s and my children’s futures from Alzheimers. Would love to read the book.

  4. Sorry your Pacific Foods Giveaway is only open to US residents as I use their Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup and the Cashew, Carrot Ginger as well as the Chicken Broth. My husband was diagnosed last Fall and everyday is still a learning experience.

  5. I love Wolfgang Puck soups! I would be thrilled if I won a sampling of their gluten free soups.

  6. Pam Fleckenstein says:

    Love the products !!!
    Would love to see coupons in regular rotation……spread the love and the deals!

  7. Would love to try the products, still working on the switch over to Gluten Free.

  8. Sandy Watt says:

    My chiropractor who is also a nutritionist has told me that I am sensitive to gluten and should have a gluten free diet. Somebody has recently told me that there is a gluten free bisquick and tried most of the recipes on the box and love it. I am now looking to see if there are coupons for that.

  9. I love the look of that thermal tote! I have to carry a lunch with me frequently and to have my own tote would be great! Is this where I can enter for the drawing?

  10. I’ve been gluten free for 3 years now. I’ve probably been allergic all my life, but only found out 3 years ago. The longer I’m off wheat the more sensitive I become. Now eating it makes me horrible sick for 2 weeks, touching it gives me a rash, but the worst is if I breath it, I can’t breath. I take an anihistime imitiatly, but it’s very scarey. I hope it doesn’t get much worse. But I have so much energy, and I feel so fantastic off wheat it’s not any trouble for me to stay off it. Sooooooo many health problems I’ve had for years just went away. Thank you so much for providing all this wonderful information, it helps to not feel like such an island.

  11. Barbara says:

    I have the problem of not only being Celiac, I am also allergic to most scents.
    Most shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions contain gluten and chemical scents. I would love to win this weeks giveaway and hopefully Green Bever would be a brand I could use and love!

    Barb Kirch

  12. This product sounds terrific. My daughter and cousin are terribly allergic to mosquito bites and have nothing that helps. The bites swell and leave scars.

  13. Today is one of those days…feel rotten and cannot decide why. I would love this mill, perhaps it will help me stay on track with gluten-free and feel good. Thanks for offering. Yvonne Sinclair

  14. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much for this post!! I love the idea of “hard lotion”. I am funny, I do not like the wet feeling of lotion and neither does my teenage daughter. Maybe we can both use it more often with a hard bar!! I react strongly to scents also but the two you described I know I can handle!! I too have issues with my heels all year round, would love to try this product!! I’ve learned so much for your postings…keep up the great work, you are really helping people!!

    Barbara~South Jersey

  15. Well, unfortunately, I suffer from dry skin all year round. Living in southern MD is notorious for its bugs and especially mosquitos that leave whelps that cause swelling and redness. Being gluten, soy,and dairy intolerant is difficult to deal with when attending social events. I am anxious to try the soap.

  16. Responding to the post on Bob’s Red Mill products:

    I love them!!! The chocolate chip cookies are the best!

  17. I’ve been wheat free for 4 years now. Soooooo many health problems that have plagued me most of my life have gone away. But the longer I’m away from wheat, the more the allergie has gotten worse. Breathing it is the worst. If this happens, then I can’t breath. Thank you so much for the recipes.

  18. I have celiac disease and experiment with gf recipes and different mixes and flours. I have tried several of Bob’s Red Mill products but certainly not all of them. This would be a GREAT chance to try many more of them.

  19. Jeanne Leder says:

    I love Bob’s Red Mill products! I feel I can trust them. I’ve used them for years and would love to win the “goodies!”

  20. Jeanne Leder says:

    Shopping at Bob’s Red Mill is a great experience! The staff is really good to work with and helpful. I go there whenever I can get to that area.

  21. I love Bob’s Red Mill. I like that I can find some of their products in my local grocery stores. I’ve found that I can make a really good Roux from the white rice flour, that’s really important when you live in New Orleans.

  22. Hi, the Green Beaver products seam like what I am looking for for my family,
    please send me those samples.



    • Maribel, the Green Beaver giveaway is closed and I do not have samples to give away. You can check out the company’s site and look for their products in stores. Thanks for stopping by.

  23. Another mosquito magnet here. :( These sound wonderful! I wonder if they work for deer flies (ouch) too.

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