Recent Kitchen Mistakes

I have made a number of blunders in my kitchen recently, and I thought you might like hearing about my culinary imperfections.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of them, but I’m sure you can use your imagination.

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1.  Spur of the Moment Flour Substitutes

While making our favorite hamburger bun recipe for my son’s lunches, I realized I was out of brown rice flour as well as brown rice (to mill the flour) so I threw in some millet and sorghum instead.

I was in a rush and added all the liquid that I normally add only to find out that the batter was way too thin.  So then I threw in some white rice flour, but it took quite a bit to thicken it, and even then it wasn’t right.

The buns turned out very heavy and dense—not good sandwich bread.  I pulled a loaf of Udi’s bread out of the freezer instead.  We ate a few of the buns by toasting them and only eating half at a time.  A couple were used for bread crumbs, and the rest went into a breakfast casserole.

2.  Spur of the Moment Cooking Addition

When making the above mentioned breakfast casserole, I decided at the last second to throw some spinach on top.  It would have been fine if I had thought of it sooner and could have mixed it in.  But being on top, the spinach became too dry.  It wasn’t a terrible flop, but it wasn’t a brilliant idea.

3.  Glass All Over the Floor

I have a ceramic tile floor, and most of you know what that means.  When a breakable object falls on it, the object breaks into a million pieces and some of those slice across the floor and into adjacent rooms.

I’ve dropped enough glasses, jars, and bowls, that I have learned to be pretty careful, but I did it again.   This time it was a glass canning jar with water in it.  It could have been worse—there could have been a very messy substance in it.  But at the time there were two barefoot guys and two dogs in the kitchen.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Oops! Road Sign with Dramatic Blue credit

4.  Bad Coffee

I like coffee but am very sensitive to caffeine.  I occasionally drink decaf, but it’s not the same and is more acidic.  My picky eater, food and drink loving son recently bought an Ikea French press at the thrift store for $5.  After trying it, his Facebook status update said that coffee just got 10 times better.

So I had to try it.  I made a cup of decaf coffee.  I added an unsweetened nut based coffee creamer and some sugar.  I don’t use sugar with regular coffee, but I need it with decaf.  I used the sugar that is on my handy magnetic spice rack.

Then I tried my first drink….and almost spit it out!  It was awful!  Oops.  I added salt instead of sugar.  The two are side by side because I have my tins in alphabetical order.

I dumped the coffee out and started over.  In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed that French press coffee.

orange question markWhat mistakes have you made in your kitchen lately?

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  1. JillW says

    Lovin’ this post, Linda! And in honor of that fact, it seems, I had to have my own blunder today. While making a Martha Stewart casserole recipe for the first time, I kept looking between the ingredients and the size of the dish recommended in the recipe and thinking there was no way everything would fit in that dish. BUT, I said to self, it’s Martha Stewart, for crying out loud. She wouldn’t steer me wrong. So . . . I filled the dish to the top . . . with HALF the ingredients. As luck would have it, I was able to rearrange well enough into a bigger dish, AND there was no one else in the kitchen at the time to see me do it. 😉 Oh, the price to be paid for low kitchen confidence! LOL!

  2. says

    I got a Vitamix for my birthday, and I was so excited to be able to grind my own flours. However, the first dry ingredient I ground was chia seed to make chia flour and apparently I didn’t clean the container well enough and I made powdered sugar next. The powdered sugar went into Espresso Chocolate Frosting, but all we could taste was chia. We couldn’t eat the frosting and the worst part was I used Scharffen Berger chocolate…a super gross & expensive mistake.

    • says

      Oh no! That’s definitely worse than ruining my cup of coffee. I guess you learned a good lesson about your new Vitamix, though.

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