Recent Kitchen Blunders


Here are a few blunders I’ve made recently.  The last one is definitely the best.

  • Overcooking the asparagus.  Yuck.
  • Overcooking the broccoli.  Yuck.
  • Not cooking at high enough heat and therefore not reducing enough the garlic sauce for the chicken scampi.  It didn’t ruin the meal, but it wasn’t as good.
  • Putting dinner leftovers into a container for my husband’s lunch and then returning the container to the cabinet rather than putting it in the refrigerator.

The next morning, my husband couldn’t find his lunch in the frig so he took a container out of the cabinet and got leftovers out of the frig.  He then did something else for a minute and when he came back to fixing his lunch, the container was already full!  It threw him off for a second wondering if he had already done it.  But he figured it out pretty quickly.

What kitchen blunders have you made recently?

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    Just a few days ago, I was making a pot of turkey soup and it boiled over a small amount. I turned it down but left it on the burner (electric coil), thinking it would just cook off. (We’re only talking about a tablespoon here.) The fat in it didn’t burn off. It smoked and set off the smoke detectors in the house so I had to run around and open all the windows with it screetching. But the soup was good :)

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      Ah yes. Setting off the smoke detector is something I’ve done numerous times. It doesn’t take very much, like the little bit of oil in your soup. I’m glad to hear that the soup was good!

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    I’ve been working on updating my GF/DF/egg free manicotti recipe. When I used to eat tomato sauce I used very little due to an intolerance. Now that I have a tomato free sauce recipe I drowned the manicotti in sauce before baking them. The homemade manicotti shells turned to mush in the sauce! I ended up eating them with a spoon. :-(

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      Mushy pasta is not good. Anything mushy that’s not supposed to be doesn’t go over well here. At least it was edible and didn’t go to waste. I bet you’ll get it right the next time.

  3. says

    Linda, great blunders! I got a good chuckle at your expense…sorry but made my morning coffee :) I believe my worst blunder recently is when I was unpacking groceries, I put the container of eggs in the freezer 😛 Didn’t realize it for days and had quite a mess…at least it was a frozen mess LOL.

    • says

      Mary, I’m glad I could give you a chuckle! Now you gave me one in return. :) What a mess, but at least you can smile about it.

  4. says

    I am great at making kitchen blunders. Overcooking things, burning things, turning crunchy things into mush, dropping half of the meal on the floor… If it’s possible, I’ve done it before!

  5. Lee Barrilleaux says

    This wasn’t recent, but to this day my brother won’t let this die. We were both still living at home and he came in from work and said he was hungry. I had made tuna salad the night before and told him it was in the green bowl with foil on top in the fridge. He looked and looked and said, “I don’t see a green bowl with foil”, I said rather sarcastically,”Open your eyes, it’s right there. Well of course it wasn’t there so I started to look in cabinets and drawers and sure enough there it was in the drawer with the aluminum foil. Needless to say it was spoiled and starting to stink. He still laughs about that one, and sadly I was only 18. :>

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      That’s funny! My husband actually asked me if he could still take the food for lunch. It had some kind of meat in it. I think it was chicken. It didn’t stink, but I told him he most certainly should not eat it.

  6. Beth in NC says

    Boiling eggs…walked away…quite a while later…egg explosion. ALL the water gone and all 5 eggs with what looked like a bullet hole, complete with gun shot residue. I WAS able to salvage at least half of each egg though!

  7. says

    Years ago I decided to bake bread. After all people had been doing it for years, just follow the recipe. Needless to say, there are probably two brick-like loaves somewhere in the landfill. I learned to double check recipes.

  8. says

    Hahaha! I can just imagine the confusion on his face when your husband saw that full tupperware on the counter!
    The other night, while making pasta, I let it boil over… twice! Not so recently, but much more entertaining episodes include:
    1) Forgetting to put the lid on the blender before turning it on. Panic ensued, and cabinets had to be cleaned.
    2) ALWAYS getting bored by the time the last try of cookies goes in the oven and invariably burning them.
    3) Using coconut oil in a baking recipe and adding cold milk to it instead of room temperature resulting in a frozen solid mass of coconut oil floating in the middle of my batter.
    ……. I could go on and on! hahaha

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