Recent Kitchen Blunders 7-19-12


I haven’t had any recipe related blunders recently, but this blunder certainly took place in the kitchen.

We have two miniature Australian shepherd dogs and they eat in the kitchen.  I feed them a dry dog food, but I add Nupro Dog Supplement and water to  the food.

My female dog loves food and wolfs it down.  She licks her bowl thoroughly and then goes over to our other dog’s bowl and licks his.  I always give the boy his food first just to give him a head start.  I’m afraid she would eat his food if he wasn’t done when she finished hers.

So, the other day I gave the boy his food on one side of the kitchen then went over to set down my girl’s food.  Well, somehow I dropped the bowl and it flipped upside down before landing on the floor.

We were both startled.  Even though this girl usually scarfs up any food as soon as it drops, it took her a few seconds before she started eating.  She didn’t mind that it was on the floor as long as she got her food.

By the time I got the splashes wiped off me and grabbed the camera, she was almost done.  I let he lick it clean before I washed the floor (and wall).

Have you had any kitchen blunders recently?

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