Recent Kitchen Blunders 7-12-12


Yesterday I had one of those “I can’t believe I did that” moments.  First, a little background.

About a week or two ago the propane tank on my grill became empty.  My husband keeps an extra on hand so he swapped it for a full tank.

Then on Monday I cooked bacon on the grill.  I like to bake bacon on a cookie sheet in the oven.  Grease doesn’t spatter everywhere, but it does require a hot oven.  So in the summer I use the grill as my oven and cook the bacon there.

Well, when I went to check on the bacon, some of it was beginning to burn so I whisked the baking sheet off the grill and into the house.

Two days later (last evening), I went to heat the grill for hamburgers.  I thought it was odd that the knobs were turned on and the fire wouldn’t start.  Then I check the tank knob which I had just turned only to realize I had turned it off which meant that it was already on.

The propane was on and the burner knobs were on which meant I never turned them off two days before.  The new propane tank was empty!

Have you had any kitchen blunders recently?

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  1. says

    That is a funny one! I have done similar things, but my blunder with propane involved an explosion and the loss of quite a bit of my eyebrows and some of the hair that framed my face. I smelled like burnt hair for a week and could not stand the smell of myself! LOL

    • says

      Kim, I just found your comment in my spam folder for some reason. Your propane blunder sounds scary! I glad you were only singed a bit and not seriously burned. I’m sure the smell was annoying.

  2. Erica W says

    Oh man, I did the SAME thing w/the grill & propane tank!! I couldn’t tell if the grill knobs were on or off… I thought they were off… but there are no clear numbers, lines, etc. to line up & the knobs will rotate 360, so it is hard to tell… anyway, I decided it was NOT worth the risk of blowing a limb or my face off w/a fire plume when I couldn’t figure out the knob positioning, so I decided I would pan fry burgers… I THOUGHT I had shut the propane tank off that we had JUST filled…next day, on the 4th of July, DH discovered what had happened… apparently the burner was left ON & the tank was not shut all of the way off :(… by God’s grace we had enough propane in the tank to cook for the 4th as we only had 4 people over plus us… we don’t have the money to get a refilled tank AGAIN already. Know that you are NOT alone in your blunder!! LOL

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