Recent Kitchen Blunders 4-26-12


I have two blunders to share this week and one is only kitchen related.

Bread Fail

I was making a loaf of bread the other evening using a Maninis bread mix.  I put the loaf in a warm oven to rise, then removed it while I preheated the oven.  I then forgot about it for at least half an hour.

When I returned, the loaf had risen up and over the sides of the pan.  It baked without the dough falling off and burning in the oven, which was nice,  but because it had risen too much, it fell as it cooled.  The result was bunny bread.

Shopping Fail

I wasn’t feeling well when I did my grocery shopping this week, and I ended up coming home without the milk.  I had made a shopping list, I put milk on that list, and I looked at the list more than once while at the store.  I still came home without milk.  Silly me.

What kitchen blunders did you make this week?

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    I love your kitchen-blunder posts- I find them very encouraging! :) My kitchen blunder was, when I got to the end of successfully creating allergy-free enchiladas, I realized I had forgotten to cook any vegetables! (Ummm… this MAY also have happened once last week). My solution- quickly peel and cut up a platter of cucumbers and carrots. :)

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    I LOVE it! So when I saw the picture in my reader I immediately thought “Oh cute! Mickey Mouse bread!”. Seriously.. you need to make this overflowing bread for little kids (or little kids at heart like me).

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    lol, I love that bread! It actually looks super cute. I don’t think I have ever had a kitchen blunder turn out so well before.

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    The bunny bread is so cute! As gluten-free bread goes, I’d say that was still a success. It looks like it has a great texture, which is not easy to achieve. How great this would be as french toast!

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      Yes, it was still good bread, and I did use it for French toast. The problem was that I made it specifically for sandwiches for my son’s lunches, and it didn’t work very well for that. It didn’t go to waste, though, and I made my trusted sandwich buns the next day.

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    I was cooking some blueberries and used my saucepan instead of the stockpot and it boiled over. Then I ran them through a sieve instead of my food mill and cleaning a sieve is not easy. It did make lovely blueberry syrup for my waffles!!

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