Putting Celiac Disease in Perspective

The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center web site is a resource that many people might not be familiar with. I thought I would highlight a few things from their facts and figures page. These statistics pertain to the United States.

  • In average healthy people, 1 in 133 have celiac disease
  • That would mean at least 3 million people
  • 97% of those are undiagnosed
  • Type 1 diabetes affects 3 million people
  • Epilepsy affects 2.7 million
  • Rheumatoid arthritis affects 2.1 million
  • Parkinson’s disease affects 1 million
  • Ulcerative colitis affects 500,000
  • Crohn’s disease affects 500,000
  • Multiple sclerosis affects 400,000
  • Cystic fibrosis affects 30,000

That helps to put celiac disease in perspective. We need to keep getting the word out so that millions of people don’t have to continue suffering.

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  1. Dana Wax says

    Here. here!

    And it’s celiac disease awareness month, too.

    If only we could get T-shirts printed up…and get everyone with celiac to wear them on a certain day. It would be quite a movement…

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