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If you have ever put soup into a blender only to have hot liquid come flying out when you turn the blender on, then this tip is for you. I haven’t actually tried it because I now have an immersion blender, but I recently read this, and it makes sense to me.

Before pureeing the soup remove the round center part of the blender lid and cover the hole with a folded dish towel. This allows air in through the hole and help prevent flying soup.

Have you tried this tip before? Does it work?

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  1. says

    Oh, yeah, I have burned myself and made messes several times doing that! That was after my immersion blender died. I have a new one now, but this is a great reminder for those who want to use their blender, Linda. I think it’s just instilled in us to keep those covers on tightly on blenders and it doesn’t work when hot liquids are involved. :-(

    Happy Friday 13th!

  2. Sherron says

    Thank you for the tip! I have burned myself rather severely one time, so I am afraid to use the blender with anything hot again. This hint does make sense and I am willing to give it another go.

    Make sure that you do not fill the blender past the half way mark when using hot foods in the blender- it helps keep the mess down too!

  3. Blue says

    I have had hot soup splash all over me (which caused small blisters on my arms) and the kitchen and have been extra careful since then. I don’t have a dish towel that I could get dirty, but I have tried covering the hole with paper towel, which works until the paper gets soaked. Most of the time, I just let the ingredients cool down for a while and/or blend them with cold water, in order to cool them down. I then transfer the mixture into a pot for reheating. This procedure is a bit backwards for most recipe instructions, but at least it’s safe.

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