Problems with Food Labeling

The article Review of thousands of food items leads companies to pull products from shelves discusses how the Chicago Tribune found mislabeled products at stores in the Chicago area. The Tribune reviewed labels and conducted laboratory tests, alerting manufacturers to problems. As a result, some manufacturers are recalling products or changing the labels. The article also offers five lessons for people trying to protect themselves or their children from foods which are hazardous to their health. Those lessons, which are elaborated on in the article, are:

  1. Label errors abound
  2. Technically, some labels confuse
  3. Oats are often tainted with wheat
  4. Beware of imports
  5. Skip unlabeled food

The article is a good reminder that despite food labeling laws, food is not always labeled as it should be. It’s our responsibility to be diligent about reading labels, knowing terms, and using both caution and common sense.

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