Plastic Containers & Their Storage

I recently cleaned out and bought new food storage containers. My old ones were cracking, and the whole lot had become a mixed up mess. I was thrilled to find these Rubbermaid containers at BJ’s. I got a 54 piece set (that includes lids) for $20. The thing I really like is that one lid size will fit several sizes of containers. I also like the fact that the lids stack together nicely. Having different sized containers that stack together and lids that stack make storage simple and easy.

Rubbermaid food storage containers

I have my plasticware in a cabinet that has a pull out shelf on the bottom. In our old house, I bought a sliding container to put in the bottom of a cabinet so I could reach the things in the back. I found it to be well worth the money. It helped me keep things better organized and easier to find. When we remodeled the kitchen in this house, I made sure I had a cabinet with a sliding shelf built in.

After several weeks of use, my plastic ware is still orderly. It’s so nice to find what I need without digging around and trying to find a lid that matches!

food storage containers organized in my kitchen cabinet

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  1. Jim Deitzel says

    Glad to see you’re enjoying your Easy Find Lid containers. We here at Rubbermaid appreciate your support.

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