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In March I met Marion of Pamela’s Products at a gluten-free vendor fair that my support group hosted.  Marion kindly gave me samples of their products to review.

Pamela’s Products makes gluten-free cookies and baking mixes.  Their Allergy Information page contains an easy to read chart which indicates which allergens are in which products.  They also state at the top of that page:

Pamela’s gluten-free cookies and mixes are produced on 100% dedicated gluten-free machinery.

But not only is the machinery gluten-free, the whole facility is.  You might enjoy reading Pamela’s story and how she got started:

“I left the family business to start my own independent company founded on the premise that wheat-free and gluten-free foods can taste great and that everyone should have food delicious enough to celebrate.”

The products I took home to sample included three cookies and three mixes.

Pamela's Products

For years I have bought Pamela’s cookies as an occasional treat, and I have never had one I didn’t like.  Some I do like better than others, but they all have good flavor.  The three shown are all part of their traditional cookies line.  They also have a line of organic cookies which I have tried a couple of and really like.

The baking mixes shown I had never tried before.  I have used their bread mix many times, but that’s it for their mixes.  The cornbread I used one evening to top a Mexican casserole.  I usually make the corn bread from scratch, but it was a time saver to use this mix, and my family didn’t notice the difference.

The chocolate cake and frosting mixes I saved for my son’s 20th birthday.  Since his birthday  happened to fall on Mother’s Day, it was nice to have a mix that enabled me to make his birthday cake without spending too much time in the kitchen.  Everyone enjoyed and praised the cake.

Pamela's chocolate cake You can see how delicious it looks.  I only put a thin layer of frosting in the middle, because I was fearful of not having enough for the outer part of the cake.  It turns out that the mix makes plenty and I need not have worried.  There was enough left over that I could have made that middle layer thicker.

The Giveaway: Marion has kindly offered the same six products and a few “just for fun” baking items to be given away to one winner.  The giveaway is limited to continental US residents.

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Disclaimer:  I was provided with the above pictured products free of charge. The opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. Melissa R says

    I have just been diagnosed with Celiac this month, so I’m still trying the different products available in gluten-free form. I’d love to win this giveaway so I can try the Pamela’s products for myself!

    • Brittany says

      I have not tried Pamela’s Products but have heard they are great and would love to try them!

  2. Elizabeth says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Pamela’s!!! We use her baking mix all the time… just made biscuits this morning, in fact. We’ve been keeping things simple around here, and haven’t tried the other Pamela’s products yet. Now that it’s summer vacation for me (teacher) I’m looking forward to experimenting in the kitchen. What a FANTASTIC way to kick off the cooking projects. I’d love to win! :-)

    • Julie says

      I have used the Pamelas baking mix that is like Bisquick. I have had no problems baking cookies that call for flour I just substitute the mix and leave out the leavening and salt. My family thinks they taste great! It is sooo simple.
      I also have made the biscuits recipe that is on the bag, used coconut oil for the shortening, they were the best I have ever had.
      The chocolate chip cookie recipe on the bag is Yummy!
      I am new to the gluten free and think baking with Pamela is very easy and not nearly as difficult as trying to mix all the different flours on your own.
      Thank you Pamela!

  3. Elizabeth says

    I subscribe to this blog via RSS, too. LOVE the updates! Gluten free is getting less stressful every day.

  4. Maria Henderson says

    I love Pamela’s mixes. Its Sunday morning and I am about to whip up a batch of pancakes with one of her mixes. My husband and son love these pancakes and actually prefer them to other gluten containing pancake mixes. I have never tried her packaged cookies. Would love to win this treat.

  5. says

    We purchase her AMAZING bread mix (her title and I completely agree) by the 25lb bag. We’ve also used the baking mix before though it is not our main baking flour. I’ve tried a few of the cookies but they aren’t my favorite. Her bread mix though completely makes up for it!

  6. Cindy White says

    I’m only recently gluten free and am still in the “figuring it out” phase. I would love to try Pamela’s mixes. I really enjoy cooking and am looking forward to working in a whole new area!

  7. says

    I’m trying to be largely grain and no sugar (not “sugar-free” substitutes as i react to them), but when i want a treat, Pamela’s pecan cookies are the best!

    Thanks for this opportunity. :)

  8. valerie says

    thanks for the chance to win pamela’s products. i’ve just tried the brownie one so far but my family loves it!

  9. Jennifer Livingston says

    Pamela’s products have saved me from feeling deprived over the years. I started with the Pancake Baking Mix long ago which I have made batches of blueberry muffins or pancakes or cobbler with. I recently bought the pancake baking mix in bulk on Amazon. But the best are the cake mixes. I always request a Pamela’s chocolate cake with buttercream frosting for my birthday. My most recent discovery is the vanilla cake. We put fresh lemon zest and lemon juice in the batter and bake. We frost it with lemon zest icing and put a raspberry filling in between the layers and it is amazing.

  10. Jen R says

    I LOVE Pamela’s products. I haven’t tried very many of them but I use the Pancake and Baking mix fairly often. The thing I love about her flour mix is that it isn’t just rice flour and sugar like a lot of prepackages gluten free items. There is a concern for health in the blend which makes me happy. I would love to try a broader range of her products though. Hope I win! Crossed fingers and toes!!

  11. Lisa says

    I have tried a few of her cookies. I got samples of the Pecan chocolate chip cookie and the pancake mix at the conference I went to last week and I really liked them.

  12. Pam H. says

    My family LOVES Pamela’s Baking mix. We make pancakes, chocolate chip cookies and lots of muffins!!! All of our friends and family who aren’t gf, thinks our chocolate chip cookies are the best because they’re so soft!!

  13. sharon t says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pamela’s mixes…in fact just subscribed to receive on a regular basis from the cornbread mix, brownie mix, pancake mix and bread mix…the packaged cookies are great to keep on hand to add into lunch boxes.

  14. Meredith says

    Pamela’s bread mix is the staple at our house. We literally use it for everything from regular sandwich bead to bagels, pizza, cinnamon raisin bread, ‘hot pockets’ and pretty much anything that requires a yeast bread. We live in an area where we can’t buy separate flours, so Pamela’s is a winner!

  15. Melanie says

    Pamela’s products are very good. I love the chocolate cake mix. The non GF persons in my family love it too, request it often. Easy to mix and bake. I bake a batch of cupcakes for my aunt and she freezes them. Eats one at a time for a special treat. The pancake mix and corn bread mix are great as well.

  16. Linda Olson says

    I LOVE Pamela’s SimpleBites – the Extreme Chocolate and the Ginger Snapz are favorites at our house.

  17. Shirley Marcroft says

    Pamela’s products are exceptionally good.
    I make the choc chip cookies frequently – they’re our favorite ones.
    I also buy her prepared cookies, for easy snacks when I don’t have time to bake.

    Thank you Pamela for such great gluten free products!

  18. JoEllen says

    My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac when she was only 13 months old. Now she is an amazing 4 year old girl who doesn’t know a world with gluten. The first gluten free home baked good I ever made was pancakes using Pamela’s baking mix. The entire family agreed they were better than regular pancakes. Since that time, we have learned that my two other children and I all need to be gluten free as well (Dad just comes along for the ride! :) ). Pamela’s baking mix as well as many of their other products are a staple in our pantry!

  19. Kathleen says

    I have tried many of Pamela’s cookies and baking mixes. I love that Pamela’s products are so good and are easily acceptable in my grocery store.

  20. Jennifer Frahm says

    My cousin told me about Pamela’s when I was complaining about not being able to find a good bread or baking mix. I am so glad she has because Pamela’s is my FAVORITE and so easy.

  21. Sandra says

    I LOVE Pamela’s mixes! The pancakes is even my husband’s favorite. We add in chocolate covered bacon as an added treat.

  22. Brenda says

    We just bought the vanilla cake mix! My Daughter the celiac had a craving :)

  23. Alexis says

    Her extreme chocolate mini cookies are great. We love to make muffins and waffles from the baking and pancake mix.
    Email subscriber.

  24. says

    I tried Pamela’s new Whenever Bars at Expo West this year. They were fantastic. I love the fact that they are sweetened with unrefined sweeteners.

  25. Jenny Preffer says

    We love Pamela’s products! We use the baking mix all the time for making bread! Would love to try the cake mixes! We also subscribe to the Gluten Free Homemaker by email! Thanks for your updates!

    The Preffer family

  26. Jenny Preffer says

    My husband also follows you in the RSS feeds! He loves Pamela’s Pancake mix!

    The Preffer family

  27. Melissa D says

    I’m an e-mail subscriber who would love to win this great giveaway!

  28. Barb says

    I’m an e-mail subscriber that would love to win this prize! I make a killer cherry chocolate brownie with dark fudge frosting using the chocolate cake mix.

  29. Carmen E. says

    I use Pamela’s products as an occasional treat. :) We mostly try to stick to naturally GF whole foods…but when we splurge- LOVE this brand!!

  30. Kimberly L says

    No I have never tried these products. Hopefully I win so I can try before I buy.

  31. Jill says

    We are still in our first three months gluten- and casein-free. We love Pamela’s pancake mix but haven’t had the opportunity to try the products shown here. I was just looking for a cornbread mix! I’ll also be looking for the cookies now! Thanks!

  32. Susan Jacobs says

    I love Pamela’s choc cake mix – excellent taste and no aftertaste like most GF cakes. I subscribe by email. I look forward to trying more of her products.

  33. Beth says

    I use her pancake and baking mix, which I love and want to try her bread mix.

  34. Stephanie Tsouloufis says

    I have tried many cookies, the plain cheesecake, various mixes, all lovely. I always keep the baking mix in my freezer and currently have a cake mix ready for the next family birthday. I really enjoyed meeting the ladies at the expo in IL and look SO forward to the ‘whenever bars’ coming to stores in June!!!
    Stephanie T.

  35. Felicia says

    My 10 yo daughter makes Pamela’s Pancakes for our Saturday breakfast! I love that it’s Gluten Free and easy enough for her to make on her own.

  36. Teresa says

    I subscribe thru FB and newsfeed. I love to try new products and this sounds so good! I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy in March so I am slowly trying new products.

  37. Lesley says

    I love Pamala’s chocolate cake mix. My daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac and we tried this. After she was done eating it she said it was the best ever!!

  38. Pat says

    I have tried Pamela’s Pancake Mix and have been very happy with it. I have not had the opportunity to try the other products yet.

  39. Janis S. says

    I haven’t tried any of the Pamela products yet, even though I’ve heard the products are good from a few people. Would love to win this so I can try some.

  40. Debra says

    I haven’t tried any of her products yet. I’d like to try the ginger cookies.

  41. Sharon says

    We’ve had the chocolate chip cookies and the lemon cookies and both were delicious!

  42. Geri says

    Pamela’s are some of my favorite gluten-free mixes. Her brownie mix is as good as a brownie mix made from scratch. I would love to win this as I haven’t tried her cookies or her cornbread mix.

  43. says

    I have a son with Autism, we put him on a gluten free and dairy free diet about 4 years ago and have seen benefits from the diet change in his behavior and other areas.
    We have tried the Bread mix,Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix and just yesterday I bought Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix and chocolate frosting for my son’s upcoming birthday cake! We have also tried the mini chocolate chip cookie bites. We really like Pamela’s products and this would be a great prize to win! .

  44. says

    I have many friends on my facebook friends list who also have their families on a GF diet and so I shared this giveaway on facebook too!

  45. Faith says

    I have loved the Pamela’s cookies I have tried. My favorite so far are the Shortbread Swirl! Would love to try more!

  46. Lisa B says

    Pamela’s Pancake and Baking Mix is my go-to GF baking mix for many recipes that call for GF flours. I’m so glad it comes in those big 4lb bags!

  47. Jennifer says

    I have tried some of their products, like the brownie and cake mix, as well as a couple varieties of cookies. They are all great. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  48. Jamie Seigfried says

    Hi there, I love finding yummy products that both me and my husband can love and share. However, I have only tried one kind of Pamela’s cookies and used her pancake and baking mix which I love!!!

  49. Leola Winder says

    My first experience with Pamela’s products was the cookies; I was newly Gluten Free and I wanted an ice cream sandwich so badly. I kept hearing about how good they were from others (my son has Crohn’s and had started using these products). I saw them in the store, so I bought the Chocolate chunk pecan shortbread cookies, made my sandwich with my favorite ice cream, dipped it in chocolate and to harden I froze it. It was so good! I had to make one for everybody. Since then I have made cheesecakes with the ginger snapz and extreme chocolate mini cookies, waffles, pancakes, and donuts which has become my family’s Sunday treat once a month-We don’t miss the donut shops anymore! I want to try the cake mixes next for my youngest son’s graduation party.

  50. Meghan says

    I’ve only been gluten free for a few months now, after discovering a severe intolerance. Pamela’s peanut butter chocolate chip cookies were one of the goodies in my Easter basket – and they did not last long at all! Even my sister, who is not gf, loved them!

  51. Kassia says

    I would really like to win this. We’ve had the cookies before and they are quite a treat. It would also be nice to save some time since I have to bake gluten free bread for my son and husband from scratch.

  52. debbi varnell says

    Love,love .love Amys products !!cookies are yummy. flourmake great pancakes !! would love to try the cake mixes !! debbi

  53. Kelly hassenzahl says

    We love pamela’s pancake and baking mix for pancakes and waffles and sweet breads. I subscribe to your rss feed! Thanks for a great g- free blog!

  54. says

    I love Pamela’s products for an easy treat! The frosting mix is great, and I love the pecan shortbread cookies. I am also a fan of the mini-cookies. I usually have a bag on hand at work for those days when I need something sweet.

  55. Robin says

    I’m new to eating GF, thanks for posting about new and yummy products! :)

  56. says

    I LOVE Pamela’s! Love it, love it, love it. The only baking mixes of hers I haven’t tried yet are her cornbread and her frostings. The rest I’ve tried and love. We even use her bread mix to bake little loaves for my church’s communion!

  57. says

    I have tried Pamelas pancake and brownie mix, both very good!! I have also had some of her cookies which were delicious also. I would recommend them to anybody.

  58. lisa says

    I LOVE Pamela’s bread mix. For years I did it all from scratch…but Pamela’s mix taste’s just as good and is so much more convienent. We love that stuff!

  59. Nancy says

    Pamela’s Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix is my go-to product when I want to bake. Their website has some terrific recipes using this product! My favorites are their Banana Bread and their Cornbread recipe using their baking mix as the base flour blend product. I swear you cannot tell their banana bread from a gluten-containing bread, it’s that good!

  60. Tracy says

    I have really enjoyed Pamela’s bread and pancake mixes! They make such yummy things to eat, maybe TOO good!:) I have never tried the cookies, but it would be nice to try something that I didn’t have to make myself!

  61. Dawn Gray says

    I have tried several of Pamela’s products and found then to be very tasty. The chocolate cake, chocolate icing, chocolate chips cookies and biscotti are all extremely tasty. With my work schedule, it helps to find these great gluten free products at my local grocery store. I would like to try more of Pamela’s products.

  62. says

    I haven’t tried the cookie mixes, but the baking mix makes great pancakes and waffles! what a great giveaway!

  63. says

    I really like Pamela’s Products. The cookies are delicious for a once in a while sweet snack! I like the pancake mix too – it’s great for making donuts!

  64. Steve says

    Hi Linda,

    I took up a gluten-free diet just a few short months ago, and baking in general has been tough to replicate without wheat flour. I’ve finally started making some decent loaves of bread, i.e. they don’t just crumble after a day or so, they taste right, etc.

    The Pamela’s mix has been a godsend in terms of drop biscuits and muffins (I even wrote it up on Gluten Freer – – and I invite your input, btw!) but I haven’t tried making cookies yet. Gonna have to try it this week.

    Also, nice give-away!


  65. says

    I love Pamela’s mixes! I’ve never gotten into buying several different types of flours to mix them for baking, so I just use an occasional mix.

  66. Heather says

    I tried Pamela’s Baking mix recently and it was delicious! I would love to be able to try more of her products as I look for good gluten free options! Thanks for the opportunity to win a great giveaway!

  67. says

    I’ve been living with Celiac for almost 8 years now. When I was diagnosed, I was working at a local grocery store, and they hadn’t even heard of ‘gluten-free’. Now they carry a full range of gluten-free products, including lots of Pamela’s! I tell everyone I know who is diagnosed with Celiac that Pamela’s is the best in the biz!

    Life. Altering. It’s that good. :)

  68. Jessica says

    I love Pamela’s Pancake and Baking Mix! I use it all the time! I’ve yet to try any of the other products, though. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them, especially the boxed cookies. I would love a chance to try out some of the other products! :)

  69. kati says

    I’ve only tried some of Pamela’s cookies, the peanutbutter chocolate chip and the old fashioned oatmeal walnut raisin. both were delicious!

  70. DaNette says

    I have tried a couple of Pamela’s products and they are wonderful! I would love the chance to be able to try more! Thank you so much for giving us all a chance.

  71. Monisha says

    I am new to the gluten free lifestyle and was pretty worried as to how the food would taste till I discovered Pamela’s chocolate walnut cookies and I was in love! Have to keep my hubby who is not GF away from them! Would love to try more of their products”

  72. Debi F. says

    I am in the process of research for GF for autism. Thus would be a great way to start out! Referred by a friend. A little aprwhensive about this type of change.

  73. Suzanne says

    My favorite Pamela’s Product is the chocolate walnut biscotti. I love that they are individually wrapped for portion control too, since they are soooo good.

  74. Carrie Elsass says

    We have tried the pancake mix, bread mix, and several of the cookies. I can’t remember if we’ve tried the cake mix or not…
    We have enjoyed every product we’ve tried.

  75. Jeanne says

    Linda, you know I love your column!! I also love Pamela’s cookies for a special treat. I have to confess that I haven’t tried the mixes. Maybe if I win, this would give me a good chance to do so!

  76. Richard says

    I have been buying Pamela’s cookies for 12 years, and every time I want to have a special treat, I get myself a box of Pamela’s Ginger Cookies.

  77. MELissa E says

    I was just diagnosed at celiac. I haven’t tried many products yet, but will be starting with some of these thanks to the review!

  78. Kristi Kain says

    Pamela’s pancake mix makes delicious waffles!!! I also LOVE the amazing bread mix! Would love to try the cake mix!

  79. Susan Riley says

    I just made muffins with Pamela’s baking mix, the first time I’ve tried any of her products. They are great!!

  80. Niecey Docherty says

    We’ve only cut out gluten in the past few months and I haven’t tried pamelas products yet but I keep reading raves about them!

  81. Niecey Docherty says

    I subscribe to your rss feed in google reader

  82. J. Fox says

    I love a lot of Pamela’s products, but especially like the bread mix. It provides the consistency of regular fresh baked bread.

  83. Jill says

    We use Pamelas all purpose flour blend to substitute gluten flours in recipes and it works great everytime!

  84. says

    I am so grateful for products like these. I have two children that are gluten free as well as myself. The chocolate cake mix is delicious! Thank you Pamela’s Products!

  85. Brianna M says

    My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease a few months ago. I am still in the process of learning about different products. We have tried Pamela’s chocolate chip cookies and my daughter loves them. I am now wanting to try the chocolate cake mix and frosting since my daughter and I both love chocolate.

  86. Lyndie C says

    I’ve eaten lots of Pamela’s Products! Love, love, love the Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  87. Kristi says

    Never had them but heared that Pamela’s was Good and we would love to try them so Hope we win !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Mikelean says

    My daughter was diagnosed over 1 year ago and Pamela’s is a staple in our home!!!!! Give away or not I LOVE PAMELA”S!!!!

  89. Sandra says

    Hubby was diagnosed with Celiac disease last August and we were so happy to find Pamela’s baking mix and her bread mix. great products. once in awhile I buy the cookies for a treat for him instead of baking something. :) thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Lisa says

    Her double chocolate cookies are dangerous around this house–no one can eat just one!

  91. susan says

    Pamela products are a treat around our home. When the kids have church, birthdays and school parties these are my go-to products. We really enjoy them.

  92. Sherry Windham says

    I have not yet tried Pamela’s Products but I will soon. They sound great!

  93. Andrea says

    I love her cookies. I have tried a couple..yummy chocolate chips is awesome.

  94. Kimberly Baham says

    I LOVE Pamela’s baking/pancake mix, I buy the 4lb bag and we use it to make pancakes and waffles, haven’t tried anything else yet, but even my husband will eat them and he doesn’t have to!

  95. April Romero says


    I have yet to try Pamela’s products. When I find something I love, I stick with it. I am currently on the lookout for a great line of gluten free mixes for me and my 11 month old daughter. I diagnosed myself over three years ago, and I have completely changed the way I eat to a healthier lifestyle. I honestly see being gluten-free as a blessing rather than a curse. I look at it more as “getting” to be gluten-free as opposed to “having” to be. My daughter has never been sick a day, and I definitely contribute it to her being gluten-free from the beginning. My husband is very supportive, and happy to have a gluten-free house, as long as the goods are tasty. We would love to try and add Pamela’s products to our menu.

  96. Amy says

    We love Pamala’s! Our fav’s are the cake/frosting mixes, baking and pancake mix and the bread mix.

  97. says

    My two year old daughter was recently diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. Since going GF with her it’s amazing how quickly her digestive health has improved. I’ve tried the cornbread mix and love it!

  98. salina vannoy says

    I love Pamela’s products. The baking mix is probably my most used. We get the 4 pound bag at whole foods and make everything from pancakes to reading for chicken nuggets to scores. I would like to try some of the other products from them!

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