Paleo Bread Recipe

Paleo Cooking from Elanas Pantry

Today I’m excited to tell you about a new cookbook: Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes (affiliate link), by Elana Amsterdam and published by Ten Speed Press.  (The book will be released tomorrow but is available for pre-order today.)  I also have a giveaway of the cookbook and a paleo bread recipe from the book to share with you below.

I have been gluten free for over 12 years, dairy free for 2 1/2 years, and grain free for 10 months.  I still feel very new at grain free cooking, but especially grain-free baking which I have done very little of.

So I was thrilled to get a copy of Elana’s new book.  She has been cooking paleo for years and sharing many of her recipes on her blog Elana’s Pantry.  The cookbook is nicely done and includes many beautiful photos.

If you’re not familiar with paleo cooking, Elana explains it and goes over the basics of a paleo pantry.  There is a nice assortment of recipes including breakfast, dinner, desserts, beverages, and more.  I was particularly interested in recipes such as bagels, coffee cake, and bread, but there are plenty of other types of recipes such as entrées, sauces, and ice cream.

The Giveaway

If you are interested in owning this cookbook, Ten Speed Press is giving away one copy to one of my readers.

  • This giveaway is limited to U.S. and Canadian residents 18 and older.
  • One entry per person
  • Enter by leaving a comment on this post telling me why this cookbook interests you.
  • The giveaway begins June 17, 2013 and ends on June 21, 2013 at 11:00 pm eastern time.

No purchase is necessary.  Odds of winning are based on the number of entries.  The winners will be randomly chosen and will be contacted by email.  The winners will have 24 hours to respond.  If the winner does not respond, a new winner will be randomly chosen.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a free copy of the cookbook, but was not paid to write this review. The opinions in this post are my own.

Paleo Bread Recipe

I’m happy to share with you Elana’s paleo bread recipe.  It’s perfect for times when you really want a slice of bread but without gluten, dairy, or any grains!  I’ve made this recipe, and it turns out beautifully.  I only had an 8 x 4 inch pan, but it worked fine.  I simply cooked it for the shorter amount of time.

Paleo Bread Recipe from Elana Amsterdam

4.9 from 10 reviews
Paleo Bread
Recipe type: Bread
Serves: 12
  • 2 cups blanched almond flour
  • ¼ cup golden flax meal
  • 2 tablespoons coconut flour
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt
  • 5 large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted over very low heat
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F.
  2. Grease a 7 by 3-inch loaf pan with coconut oil.
  3. In a food processor, pulse together the almond flour, flax meal, coconut flour, baking soda, and salt.
  4. Add the eggs, coconut oil, honey, and vinegar and pulse until thoroughly combined.
  5. Scoop the batter into the prepared loaf pan and bake for 35 to 45 minutes, until a knife inserted into the center of the loaf comes out clean.
  6. Let the bread cool in the pan for 1 hour, then serve.
  7. Makes 1 loaf (about 12 slices)

Reprinted with permission from Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes by Elana Amsterdam (Ten Speed Press, 2013). Photo Credit: Leigh Beisch.

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  1. Wendi S says

    I would love to win this book. I have been gluten free and dairy free since last fall :)

    • Michelle says

      I have been gluten free for about 2 years. I am always looking for great bread recipes so I’m excited to try this one!

      I’d also love this cookbook. I would share it with my parents, as they just started a paleo dietstyle!

  2. Kelly says

    I would love to turn into a Paelo cook because of severve allergy problems. A lot of the flours they say are gluten free Teff, Amaranth, Sorghum etc I can not eat. I love almonds and almond flour!

  3. Nicole says

    I have Elana’s other two recipe books and they are dog-eared from constant use. I would love to have this one to round out my collection.

  4. Laura says

    I’m really excited to check out this cookbook. About 10 weeks ago, my husband and I went gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free to see if it would help with his newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes. I have to admit to being shocked and surprised when we went to the doctor 6 weeks later, and his blood sugar was back in the normal range! So we’re converts!! I am a total foodie – LOVE to cook and to try new recipes, so I can’t wait to try some from Elana’s book.

  5. Lori says

    I would love to win this cookbook, I’m just getting started on a gluten free diet. I think this cookbook would be a GREAT help.

  6. Jen says

    I tend to eat more healthy in general, but have been paying more attention to how certain foods are absorbed into the body and the positive/negative effects that they have. This cookbook is definitely right up my cooking alley and something I know I would use often!!

  7. Kim says

    I was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetice, but told that if I would eat dairy-free, gluten-free and very healthy, it could be controlled without medication. Seeing this cookbook is SO exciting because it is just what I need to make the diet change! Thanks!

  8. Kimberly S says

    I am always looking for new and exciting Paleo recipes! Would love to have this cookbook!

  9. Ruby says

    I’m really excited to check out this cookbook. I tried couple of Elena’s receipt and they are simple and easy. I’d like to learn more about other cooking method of gluten free food.

  10. Vicky Ables says

    I love to cook but I can’t have gluten being gluten intolerant has changed my life. I have been interested in learning more about cooking the Paleo way because I have been told that it will help with the gluten problem and help my husbands arthritis. I also have borderline diabetes so as long as I can keep controlling it with my diet I don’t have to take the shots or tablets. I am certainly going to try the recipe that you gave from the book and if I don’t win the book I will put it on my list to look for. I can’t wait to try more new recipes from this book

  11. Jill says

    I am an avid follower of Elena’s Pantry so I would love to win a copy of this book!

  12. Shauna says

    Super excited about this. Love Elana’s recipes. I am just starting a Paleo lifestyle. Been gluten and dairy free for 3 years, but need to go the next step!

  13. Rosa says

    Thank you for the chance to win this book. I have been recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, and I am slowly learning to cook gf. My doctor has also advised that a Paleo diet would help me. This would be a great resource of recipes to start me off right. Thank you.

  14. Michelle says

    My husband is 45 days into his Celiac Disease diagnosis and we have been trying to find good healthy recipes that we both can eat. I am Type II Diabetic and after learning all I have learned I believe I am gluten intolerant as well. After completing cleaning out our pantry and trying several different “on line” recipes a cookbook would come in very handy. Thank you for posting all the valuable information you have. :)

  15. says

    I would be thrilled to have this cookbook. It is exciting to know that gluten free, dairy free, grain free is getting easier to navigate with these type of recipes and your blog. Thanks. :)

  16. S. Harris says

    I love Elana’s cookbooks! I have really been leaning towards a paleo “diet” (diet as in what we eat for food, not as in food restriction) for quite a while and this book would be such a great place to start. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  17. says

    I just started cooking gluten free about a month ago and have A LOT to learn. I’ve spent my last few weekends attempting to bake bread and failing miserably. I finally had some minor success this past weekend with a bread recipe that looks very similar to the one you published above. There’s hope for me yet 😉
    I’m determined to make some headway, but realized I need to read some useful books first. I’d love to see what this one has to say!
    Cheers, Mary

  18. Sonya says

    I am changing my lifestyle and that of my family since Feb. 2013. It is going well but good recipes are hard to find. Maybe this new book will help. Thank you!

  19. says

    I’ve been following Elana for years! I’d love to win this book because I’ve tried dozens of her recipes, and they are all simply amazing!

  20. Kris Conway says

    I am a follower of the Paleo diet due to gluten, starch and dairy allergies. I have found Elena’s cookbooks to be fabulous in the past. I can’t wait to see what she has come up with in her latest addition.

  21. Shayna Franks says

    I am trying really hard to eat gluten free as well as keep my family from wanting to throw me out of the house. I would love to have access to some delicious recipes that are both healthy for me and enjoyable for all of us (please!). S

  22. Kymber says

    I have been told by my doc that I’m severely gluten intolerant and to avoid it. I need all the help I can get!

  23. G. says

    I love Elana’s recipes and I am always grateful to add to my Gluten-Free repertoire.

  24. Beth says

    All of Elana’s recipe books are amazing, and this sounds like another winner. I would love to win it.

  25. Terisa says

    Newly diagnosed and would love to have Elena’s cookbook. Her website and recipes have been a great resource for me. In fact I’m really happy she linked to your site because of you doing this giveaway because now I have more resources and recipes. :) In October, I was on a lot of antibiotics and my Doctor put me on a what I had thought was a temporary no gluten and no dairy diet. Not only did my tummy issues get better but the migraines and headaches I had my whole life went away. Whenever I have tried to eat foods with gluten again the headaches come right back so I’m now gluten-free for life.

  26. Jen N. says

    I’ve been trying to follow a more Paleo way of life. Having more recipes will make like that much easier.

  27. Geralyn says

    I have become Paleo to deal with some health issues and I still have a lot to learn. Also, I am hoping to share the book with my father as he faces diabetes.

  28. says

    Love Elana’s recipes. I have a 3 year old and both of us only eat gluten free. I often hope to help others eat not just gluten free, but as close to nature as possible. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Tricia says

    I have Elana’s 2 other cookbooks and would love to add this to my cookbooks.

  30. Megan says

    I’ve been Primal for almost 2 years, and it’s been a wonderful experience for me. Now, my boyfriend’s two children have come to live with him, so I need to be able to provide the types of foods they’re familiar with (bread, cookies, etc.) but without having to buy them all processed with additives and chemicals- blech! Having Elana’s cookbook would be a great boon to my family, since most paleo cookbooks have a few, but very limited, recipes for these types of foods. I’d love to see what Elana has to offer! =)

  31. Sabine says

    My husband and I have several food allergies and adopted a paleo diet. When I look for recipes I usually end up making something from Elana’s website. So I know her recipes are great and I really would love to own a copy of her book!!

  32. Diana says

    I would love to have this cookbook I have tried a few of the recipes on her website and would love to read more about Paleo diet. I am gluten free because of allergies but have never been on a Paleo diet.

  33. Kristin says

    I have Elana’s Almond Flour Cookbook and I love it. I would love to learn more of her scrumptious recipes. Thanks so much for offering her book!!!

  34. anne maire morey says

    i would 2 win this book simply because im gluten free and a passion for experimenting with food for my family x

  35. says

    Hi…I would LOVE to have this cookbook!!! I actually own the other two books Elana has written and have made substitutions based on the primal/paleo way of eating. Therefore, to see what she has in store for pure paleo recipes is super exciting to me! Thank you for the opportunity!

  36. Maryann Jordan says

    I have been gluten free for 3 years and dairy free for 2 months. I will be grain free beginning next month and would love this cookbook to help me through the transition!

  37. Tanya says

    I would love to win a copy of this book because I’ve been a long time fan of Elana’s and grain free is a way of life for me :-)

  38. Donna says

    Pick me! I would love to win this cookbook. I needed to correct my blood sugar levels and getting off all grain fixed it. I have not had grain for nearly a year and now am ready to go to the next level and learn to cook more!

  39. Laura says

    I would love this cook book as I am newly grain free to see if it helps with my rheumatoid arthritis!

  40. Randi says

    I have tried a few recipes on Elana’s website. They were all delicious. I think this cookbook would be a great addition to my little cookbook library.

  41. says

    I have a friend who had a kidney transplant almost 3 years ago and she has gone dairy, gluten and meat free recently to stay healthy. This book would be great for her.

  42. jill says

    I am interested in this book for my daughter who has a chronic autoimmune disease. Even though the rest of the family does not eat paleo, each time she makes a recipe from one of Elana’s previous books we all love it!

  43. Janine Deems says

    I would love to win Elana’s new cookbook. I’ve been eating Gluten and grain free for the past couple years due to allergies, but just recently learned about cooking and eating a Paleo lifestyle!!

  44. Mary Hall says

    I’d love to try some recipes in this cookbook. Since going gluten free less than a year ago, I’m always looking for yummy foods!

  45. says

    As I am recently diagnosed, I need all the help I can get re-learning to bake! I would live this book!

  46. says

    I would love to do the paleo diet, but in addition to celiac, I am allergic to eggs, corn, soy, dairy, and coconut. Eggs and coconut are frequently in the paleo recipes. Any suggestions?

  47. patricia J says

    Been celiac for couple years, now diagnosed with diabetes. Would like to learn how to use almond flour in my baking. The book sounds like a good one to have for that.

  48. June says

    I’ve been a fan of Elana’s for a long time, so I’d absolutely love to try this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Jennifer says

    New to being grain free and just started eating meat after 15 years as a vegetarian. I would love this book!

  50. Anna Lee says

    I am a huge fan of Elana’s recipes. Having started eating paleo a few months ago, this cookbook would be perfect!

  51. Frances says

    I NEED this cookbook!! I love Elana’s recipes and get them off her website…but would love to have ALL her recipes…and in one place!!

  52. Frances Raabe says

    I have not tried any ofthe Paleo recipes. I’m still struggling with gluten free recipes. A cookbook might be just what I need!

  53. Michelle Mc says

    I think this would be a great cookbook to help learn how to cook Paleo. I am still learning and would definitely enjoy using this book. Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!

  54. Candy S says

    My doctor has told me he thinks Paleo diet would help my stomach issues and ease my fibro symptoms,however it has been hard to stay on the diet.A cookbook would definite help me.

  55. Sherri Woznick says

    My sons and i eat gluten free, and i feel great when i also avoid carbs, but it’s difficult because i miss the baked goods and breads. i’d love to get this book of recipes!! Thanks for all the helpful info you post–very helpful!!
    Sherri Woznick

  56. says

    I would love to own this cookbook! I already have the almond flour gluten free cookbook and I love all the recepies. I have gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach) and I am fructose intollorant also. I also have contracted SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) so it is really hard to find things to eat that I can tolerate. I can’t eat much, but what I can I have found from Elena. She is such a blessing. I substitute stevia for agave because of the fructose and it seems to work alright. I am on disability so I can’t really afford to buy the book so it would be wonderful if I won it!

  57. Christie Garness says

    Would love to be chosen…So excited to try all the paleo recipes… Love your other cookbooks and Facebook posts… Thank you, for helping make my families gluten free life so much easier….

  58. Karen says

    Hi, Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve been gluten and dairy free for nearly 3 years. I have Elana’s first cookbook and I love it. I can’t wait to get this one. Thanks

  59. Tasha Kay says

    Gluten free for 3 years now and thinking of doing Paleo, I will definitely need some recipes!

  60. says

    I just went Paleo…..last month? Needless to say, I feel kinda starved sometimes with the rest of my family eating the things I can’t do. I’m dairy, gluten, sugar and mostly grain free, which is very tricky! I’d adore to have a whole cookbook to help me out. :)

  61. Amy says

    I have been gluten free for 2 years and have done a little experimenting with paleo baking. Would love to try some recipes.

  62. Tricia Daley says

    I have a lot of food intolerances so a cookbook like this would be very beneficial. I’m tired of eating the same things and would like some more variety on my plate. Thanks

  63. Erica says

    We have been primal for about a year and a half. We started after my husband was diagnosed with ITP. A new cookbook would be great – we don’t have many…. actually, we have one…. so two would be great! :)

  64. Tracy says

    I found out last week that my 13 year old daughter is highly gluten intolerant. We recently started doing Crossfit as well. These two new things in our family’s lives have lead us to learn more about the paleo lifestyle! I would love to have this book to use.

  65. Becky M. says

    This looks like a wonderful cookbook. I’m struggling with going gluten free for health reasons. I’m looking for recipes for the whole family which are g/f and paleo.

  66. Emily says

    I just bought Elana’s cupcake book 2 weeks ago at the spur of the moment and was addicted immediately. I’ll even admit that I’ve made almost all of them already because they are so easy and delicious. I can only imagine how great the rest of her recipes must be and would love to win this book and try them out.

  67. Jennilyn says

    I would be so thrilled to win a copy of this book! I have had Crohns Disease for the last 26 years and although I have always managed to control my disease, for the most part, with my diet (and 3 surgeries), I am now learning to live gluten and dairy free, which is a huge challenge. They say it’s tough to teach an old dog new tricks! I am trying to find my way in this new (to me) cooking world and my family aren’t on the same path as me, so I would love to learn to make delicious meals that we could all eat and enjoy, instead of making multiple meals to suit everyone! Good Luck to everyone!

  68. Cara says

    I have been thinking about Paleo and I have a lot of friends who are Paleo so we could have cooking parties with this book!

  69. Wendy says

    I would love to have this so that I can better my skills at cooking GF and Paleo.

  70. Linda S says

    My husband was diagnosed with celiac disease over 3 years ago and I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. Since then, I’ve gone dairy free, sugar free, red-meat free, caffeine free, processed-food free, etc., but NOT whole foods free, and I think this cookbook could help me learn additional new info to eating and staying healthy. Thank you for this giveaway. :)

  71. Mickie says

    Now that I have my family eating GF, my husband and I have decided to go grain free/Paleo. I need all the help I can get to bring our kids with us :-)

  72. Mary S says

    I have been following Elana for over a year and I love her recipes. I would love to have her new book to help my family on our Paleo journey.

  73. Sandy says

    I was diagnosed with Celiac disease over 7 years ago. My husband eats this way with me. I have not found good bread foods to eat. I am allergic to almonds so the almond flour would not work for me.
    I have not heard of or tried any Paleo type things so would be interested in doing so.
    Thank you for this giveaway.

  74. Sara Moser says

    I have been Gluten and Dairy free since May 24th of this year and although I’m finding it to be a lot easier than I thought it would be I’d still enjoy this cook book to help me even more!

  75. Morghan says

    At 70 I think I need to think how I am eating. I thought I was pretty pure and yet I still have some problems……………. so with this book I know I can change my nutritional regimen to my benefit. This kind of recipe book just might lengthen my life. I am going to do the bread………… I have made the Italian Orange almond cake and it was so delicious people asked for the recipe.
    Thank you in advance if I am chosen for this winning this giveaway

  76. Linda Townsend says

    I’d love to win this. My son and I are both allergic to gluten. We’re always looking for new recipes and I can tell this book is brimming with them! Thanks for the contest!

  77. Joy says

    I love Elana’s recipes! Would love to win her new cookbook! Your bread looks wonderful!

  78. Meghan says

    I would love to win this cookbook! I’m gluten intolerant, and I’ve got a few other intolerances that were recently diagnosed. Paleo recipes have been a nice way for me to add variety into what I’m eating.

  79. says

    I would love to learn more about Paleo cooking add so many meals are centered around starch and that’s something I want to reduce in my diet.

  80. Nancy says

    Oh I would love to have a copy of this book, free is the best! Besides having Celiac disease I have multiple allergies, which leaves me with a very narrow choice of foods that I am able to eat. My diet consists of eating the same things pretty much day after day. To have a cookbook that would give me more variety would be a much welcomed addition to my kitchen and my tummy :)

  81. Stephanie Tsouloufis says

    The book looks so nice! I love your recipes! This cookbook would be exactly perfect for my dietary needs and food allergies!!!

  82. JoEllen says

    I had breast cancer 4 years ago. Since then I have been trying to do everything I can to stay health and decrease the inflammation in my body. I have been eating mostly eating fresh, and organic. I have been gluten free, dairy free now for a year. I feel so much better but am not a great cook. I need all the help I can get to assist me in cooking as healthy as possible. Without a cookbook my cooking is pretty bland. My son also got diagnosed with ADHD and am having him follow the same diet as me. this cookbook would really help a lot

  83. says

    Since I eat Paleo (95% of the time) and Gluten/Dairy/Peanut/Egg White free 100% of the time, I’d love to have a copy of this book.

    While I can’t use this particular recipe, Elana does have some wonderful egg free recipes on her blog. When I first found out I had a severe egg intolerance, I made her chocolate Primal chip cookies within a few days. I don’t bake much anymore (almond flour is wonderful, but too many nuts are not a good thing), but it’s comforting to know that I can still enjoy a great chocolate chip cookie once in a while.

    I’m sure her new book has some wonderful recipes in it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  84. Donna Strickler says

    I would love a copy of Elana’s new cookbook, as I use Elana’s almond flour cookbook all the time, and she has wonderful recipes. I have been gluten free for almost three years, and was recently diagnosed as a diabetic. Also, my husband has high cholesterol and is a diabetic. I follow several Paleo blogs, and since I know Elana’s recipes are so delicious, I know this cookbook would be a wonderful addition to my cooking arsenal!

  85. Karen says

    I would love to receive this cook book because I struggle every day to come up with gluten free dairy free and sugar free recipes. My husband has been wonderful since I have been trying to eat this way, but I am not a good cook, its just that a doctor told me I needed to stop eating gluten.
    I would like to be able to offer him something better than what I have been doing lately! Thank you!

  86. Denise says

    It would be a blessing to win this book. I was just diagnose with Celiac and so overwhelmed right now. This book would be a wonderful help to me. Thank you

  87. says

    Hi Linda,

    Elana’s new cookbook looks and sounds fantastic. I would like to learn more about the Paleo diet and I would love to win a copy of Paleo Cooking :-)

  88. Heather says

    I think this recipe looks great, but what should I substitute for the coconut items, I am allergic ????

  89. Patty says

    I am struggling trying to go gluten free. A doctor recommended it based on my symptoms and I just feel lost. My first attempt a couple of years ago didn’t go well. Lack of recipes and changing from pasta/breads to gluten free ones was challenging. I need all the help I can get, so this book would be great to boost start the change.

  90. Mrsfoots says

    My husband is celiac and I have been reading a lot about the Paleo diet recently in the hopes that we can start this diet to help him also get over the 3 year challenge with hyperthyroid disease.
    Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  91. Sarah Nelson says

    I have been gluten free for 13 days now & feel so much better after being sick for almost a year. I’ve had over thousands of dollars worth of tests, been poked & prodded by a multitude of doctors, & felt like a medical guinea pig. Grocery shopping & knowing what to eat have been big struggles for me over these last 2 weeks. I am working with a dietician who supports me feeling better & being gluten free. I prefer to cook at home so a cookbook that can help me do that while still feeling overwhelmed about having to be gluten free would be so helpful.

  92. Debra Lee says

    I would love a copy of this because I am tired of having a sick stomach all the time!

  93. Krista Wiechart says

    My 2 year old son was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and I believe I am as well. We are so new to this new lifestyle and I would love to have this book to help us on the journey! It’s overwhelming to have to change how you shop for food and the meals to make. Also, as an O blood type, I’ve been told that the Paleo diet is probably better for me. What an adventure!!

  94. Holly Ellerton says

    I would love to have this book. I love her recipes on line. They are so helpful living a gluten free/ paleo life style. Her Paleo Bread is Awesome!

    Thanks for a great offer.

  95. Linda says

    I have been paleo since April 1st and would love to have this book as a resource for yummy recipes

  96. Becca says

    I’d love to win this book, I have one of her earlier books and use it often. I have been GF for years, and now am becoming increasingly interested in paleo cooking for health reasons. I’m also looking for new healthy recipes to use with my almost 1 year old that aren’t too grain-heavy!

  97. Crystal Harrison says

    My daughter was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease (two weeks before her 9th Birthday) and I am in the process of possibly being diagnosed myself. Her doctor also wants us to be dairy free for at least 2 months. I would love to have a resource for recipes that she can eat!

  98. marlene says

    I am just at the beginning stages of making life changes.
    It would be a great help.

  99. Linda Maphet says

    Gluten and dairy free and a host of other food intolerances; this cookbook looks like it could rescue me from boring baking and menus!

  100. Colleen says

    Hi I would enjoy winning this book because I have been gluten free for almost one month.While I am starting to feel the benifits and have heard a little about grainfree I am feeling quite overwellmed by trying to find good meal ideas for my entire family. This book looks like it may have the answer ! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy. Sincerely, Colleen

  101. Jodi Petersime says

    I would love a copy of the book to help me on my new venture. I have been gluten free for over a year and now the doctor has asked me to go dairy free & close to grain free to get a handle on my allergies. I am getting tired of lettuce wraps! Your website helps me so much!

  102. Tammy says

    I am completely new at the paleo lifestyle, my 15 & 20 year old children and I have decided to embark on this together. I would like to really solidify it with them while I have them both here together this summer which is most likely the last time. I need their help though as much as they need mine. We feel this would be a very useful tool.

  103. Shirley Lawrence says

    This looks like a great recipe to try. My son has been diagnosed as adhd and odd (opposition defiant disorder), I have researched that gluten free is a way of battling these annoyances without all the meds the drs previously had him on. Thank you for this opportunity to learn more flavorful ways to whet his appetite.

  104. Brandy Mihalovich says

    I have been ill for 43 years and now that I have learned to be grain free, dairy free, sugar free, nightshade free and fruit free it is so nice to see a bread that I may try. The sugars used may be an issue but I am excited to try the bread and am curious about the recipes in the book…good luck everyone…I know each of us could benefit from the recipes and it will go to a thankful person :)

  105. Leslie says

    I have tried several of Elana’s recipes and they have all been wonderful. I’d love to win a copy of her book!

  106. Teresa Benter says

    Would love to win this….been gluten free (celiac) for over a year and pretty sure our seven year old is headed that way also. So any resources are awesome to have!

  107. Lindy says

    I have read Elena’s first book and use it extensively, I am hoping I can get my hands on this one at some point, it looks fantastic! I have been eating gluten free for 5 years since my son was diagnosed with celiac, and my own health has improved dramatically since. I try to cook my family a low-grain diet and would benefit from new recipes. I would be very grateful to win a copy! Thanks for your blog, it is a huge help to me!

  108. Pam says

    I would love to have this book. My toddler was having severe stomach pain, gas issues, etc., that was going un-diagnosed. Until I recalled how a college roommate with celiac describe what its like for her to eat gluten. After removing gluten, all her symptoms cleared up. I’m a baker and cooker and I know that a lot of it is chemistry. I would love this book so that I can relearn the chemistry of cooking so I can feed my daughter foods that taste good and won’t make her sick. And hopefully remove the temptation that she will find in the outside world so her primary disorder is made worse.

  109. Pamela Dickinson says

    I eat GF and have decreased so much of the gluten filled foods my family eats and as I have done this I know paleo is the healthiest way for my whole family to eat. I have been talking with others who eat paleo, seeking understanding of what to eat and how to prepare meals and snacks, as well as looking for ways to transition more fully to this in my home.

  110. Terrie Melson says

    I would love to win this cookbook. I have been gluten free for over 2 years now but do not have a gluten free cookbook. My daughter and granddaughter are gluten free for 2 years now. My granddaughter asks before she eats anything, “Will this make me sick”. I would love to let her see that other people eat the way she does and they feel good.

  111. Julie says

    Have been gf for 10 years; just recently started some simple paleo modifications. Defrinately could use some help!

  112. Therese Walker says

    I would love a copy. I’m celiac and need new recipes. I find I feel better when I avoid any grains at all.

  113. Jenni says

    I just discovered that 3 people in our family have a gluten sensitivity and would love to use this new cookbook as we begin this GF journey!

  114. Kristin says

    I’ve been gluten free since January 2012. I am interested in learning more about the Paleo and diet and would love to win this cookbook!

  115. karen says

    being very new to gluten free eating and feeling sort of overwhelmed by everyting. I would love to have this book so that I could get a good start on some recipes that I can use.

  116. Michele Smith says

    I’ve been gluten free for 15 months, dairy free for 9 months, and lately have been dabbling in Paleo cooking.

  117. Corissa Palfrey says

    I am recently diagnosed with celiac disease. This cookbook would help me continue to enjoy my love of cooking and baking.

  118. says

    After being diagnosed with a sensitivity for gluten and buckwheat for myself and gluten, buckwheat and rice for my 11 year old son the Paleo lifestyle has been showing up more and more into my cooking. I don’t have a Paleo cookbook yet, so this would be an awesome addition to my kitchen!

  119. Carlie says

    I would love this cookbook because food allergies are common place in my family. I have gluten and dairy issues as well as issues with most flours. My daughter has gluten sensitivities and my son has Celiac disease. Bread products are mostly non existent in our household and it would be wonderful to have great recipes to share and enjoy.

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