Genetic Link Between Type 1 Diabetes & Celiac Disease

An article in US News & World Report states: “Researchers have identified common genetic mutations between type 1 diabetes and celiac disease, suggesting that the two inflammatory disorders may stem from a shared underlying mechanism. “ “Researchers had previously seen genetic links between type 1 diabetes and celiac disease…But the new research shows there is […]

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Making a Christmas Gift Bag

This evening I’m home with my recovering puppy, but the rest of my family is at a party. They each had to take a white elephant gift with them, and I found myself scrambling to put one more gift together just before dinner. The item I had didn’t fit in any gift bags I had, […]

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Nacho Casserole

nacho casserole

When I wrote my first “What’s for Dinner?” post I thought I would write at least one per week, but I haven’t done it. My reasoning behind the “What’s for Dinner?” idea is that it helps people new to the gluten-free diet to have an idea of what other people eat. I have mentioned before […]

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A Few Gluten-Free Recipe Links

These recipes come from The Washington Post but were adapted from other recipes. This one is adapted from a Carol Fenster recipe (I don’t know what they changed). It uses my favorite flour, sorghum, so I’ll be giving it a try. Frosted Spice Cookies This is adapted from a recipe on the blog 101 Cookbooks. […]

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Six Layer Bars

six layer bars

Here is a modified version of the well known seven layer bars recipe. I changed it to six layer bars because I have left out the butterscotch chips. You could, however, use gluten-free white morsels in place of half the chocolate chips. This is a well liked recipe and it’s so easy to make. Traditionally, […]

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Cinnamons Roll Double Recipe

The batch of cinnamon rolls I made the other day was just a teaser for us. Son #3 practically begged me to make some more today. After I did, he said I spoil them too much! This time I made a double batch with the sorghum flour just like last time, except I remembered to […]

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