Toasting Nuts for More Flavor

I didn’t think I would have a kitchen tip to post today, but last night I was reminded of one as I was making muffins. Toasting nuts brings out their flavor. It’s easy to do and makes anything you add the nuts to more tasty. If I’m baking something like muffins, I put the nuts […]

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Cooking in a Hotel Room

I saw this how-to on my google homepage and decided to take a look. I’ve cooked in a hotel room a number of times. I’ve always used a microwave, though. Either one the hotel provided or one I brought with me. These ideas crack me up. I don’t think I would try them unless I […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I want to say happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I will be spending time with extended family tomorrow through Saturday and won’t be blogging. I hope all of you will have an enjoyable time with family or friends, in large gatherings or small. I hope you enjoy delicious gluten-free food […]

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Kitchen Cleanup

We love Thanksgiving. We love food, fun, family, and friends. However, lots of people and lots of food make for lots of clean up. I suppose there are a few people in the world who enjoy doing dishes and cleaning up greasy, splattery messes, but most of us don’t. I’m no expert, but here are […]

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Gluten-Free Recipe Links

I came across some good gluten-free recipes at and thought some of you would be interested. Macaroni & Cheese – I haven’t tried this recipe, but it took delicious. French Bread – This egg-free recipe is by Carol Fenster. I have tried a similar recipe of hers, and it’s great. My family loves it! […]

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Mexican Dip Appetizer

Mexican Dip

Do you need an appetizer for Thanksgiving? This Mexican dip is easy, and people like it. In fact, I took it with me the other night when I played cards with some ladies, and it was a big hit. Print Mexican Dip Appetizer Author: Linda Etherton Recipe type: Appetizer   Ingredients ½ pound ground beef 1 small […]

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