Mikki’s Story

Mikki, a wife, mother, and high school teacher formed a weight loss group with some friends. She did everything right. She ate well and exercised, but instead of losing weight she gained it. She also became very tired and sluggish. She says, “I was SO tired. The tired-ness started affecting my work habits, my dress, […]

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gluten-free cheesecake

Subscribe to my feed via RSS or email and receive recipes, kitchen tips,  information on celiac disease and living gluten free, and more! Saturday was my husband’s birthday, and instead of a birthday cake, he asked for a cheesecake. I thought it was a great idea, especially since I had some huckleberries in the freezer. […]

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Instant Yeast vs. Active Dry Yeast

Instant yeast, which is also known as rapid rise yeast or bread machine yeast, has become the type of yeast I always use. Why? It makes bread baking easier and the results are just as good as with active dry yeast. With instant yeast, you skip the step of dissolving the yeast in warm water.  […]

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Sorghum and Cornmeal Porridge

Like most people these days, we are looking for ways to save money. Last week everyone at my husband’s office was told they must take a week off without pay in March. So this month I’m trying especially hard to save money on groceries. With a bucket of whole grain sorghum on hand, I figure […]

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Ham and Broccoli Skillet Dinner

Welcome to What’s for Dinner Wednesday (gluten-free style). It is a weekly blog carnival where we share gluten-free dinner ideas with each other. If you would like to participate, see the guidelines here. I know I wrote about a dinner with ham last week, but I decided to tell you about another one. My boys […]

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Owen’s Story

Owen started having health issues when his mother Melanie put him on solid foods. He would react with rashes, diarrhea, passing undigested food, spitting up, screaming, and waking up at night, among other things. Owen’s family lived in Germany and saw  doctors there who tested for a number of things, but a test for celiac […]

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