Zeer Update

Last month I introduced you to Zeer, a food product database.  I’m happy to announce that they have cut their subscription price from $14.95 per month to $4.95 per month.  You can still access some information for free, so if you haven’t checked it out, you might want to use the above link to read […]

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Veggies on Eggs 2

Veggies on Eggs

Back in May I told you about a Veggies on Eggs dinner I made. It contained asparagus and other veggies. Although we loved it, I hadn’t made it again until recently. Now it’s on my list of quick and easy dinners. The nice thing is it’s very versatile. This time I made it with broccoli, […]

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Sue’s Gluten-Free Story

Although no one in Sue’s family has celiac disease or is gluten free, she was told many years ago that she had a wheat sensitivity.  She tried to eat wheat free but it was difficult, and she gave up.Fast forwarding to this year, Sue was only eating a small amount of gluten per day, usually […]

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Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Brownie Mix

The other day the kids had some friends over to watch a movie. I thought it would be a good time to try the Betty Crocker gluten-free brownie mix because it would both keep me from eating too many brownies and give me feedback from some gluten eaters. The mix was easy to prepare, and […]

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Forgetting About Gluten

Have you ever watched a movie where a kid whose mom has died says, “I’m starting to forget her,” or something similar? It’s always so sad.  I’ve been feeling the same way about gluten except I think I’m past the “starting to” point and have almost completely forgotten.  It’s going on nine years since I’ve […]

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Iris’s Gluten-Free Story

In April, Iris started on a gluten-free diet in hopes of alleviating digestive problems, and unexpectedly found that it cured her of depression.  The day after she stopped eating gluten she woke up feeling happy.  It only got better from there.  Iris said, “Over the next 2.5 months, I felt better and better every day. […]

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