What Can I Eat That’s Gluten Free? – August Review

August is over and kids are back in school.  With sports and other activities, fall is usually a busy time.  When you’re busy, it’s important to have a meal plan.  If not an actual menu, at least a good list of meal options.  Hopefully this review will help.  You can see reviews of previous months […]

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Cinnamon Rolls (Whole Grain)

In a previous post I told you how I  improved a cinnamon roll recipe by replacing some of the starch with sorghum flour.  The result was fabulous.  The rolls tasted just a good as they did before and were still very worthy of Christmas morning. Well, I just had to try increasing the the amount […]

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Maggiano’s Restaurant – Gluten Free Options

If you are looking for information about the gluten-free diet,  How to Be Gluten Free (affiliate link) is a very practical guide to getting started. It covers 10 steps to help you become happily gluten free. Learn more about How to Be Gluten Free Last week I received an email from Maggiano’s Little Italy, and […]

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Giveaway Winner

  Congratulations to Tiffany who won the Can Do Kid Bar sample pack!  Visit her at her blog In Love in D.C.

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Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix

I saved the chocolate cake mix for last, but for not particular reason.  Now I’m glad I did, because it was my favorite.  I’m not a huge chocolate fan so that’s not what won me over.  This cake had such a nice, soft, moist consistency, that I had to love it.  My kids said they […]

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Spaghetti with Veggies – What can I eat that’s gluten free?

Spaghetti with Veggies

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the best meals are the ones where you just put together what you have and don’t follow a recipe?  This was one of those meals for us.  I’m still getting zucchini from my plant that I thought was done producing weeks ago.  I also have lots of tomatoes.  Therefore, I’ve been […]

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