Blogging and Money

None of the bloggers I know are in it for the money, but earning a little extra cash helps to compensate for the time and expense of blogging.  After reading a post on Problogger,  I decided to be up front with my readers about my efforts to monetize this blog.  There are ways you can […]

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Popcorn for Dinner?

I have a pretty bad memory so I’m often amused by the things that I actually remember. For example, I can tell you my 14 digit library card number. How many of you can do that? Here’s something else I remember. Back when I was single, I baby sat for a family with four kids. […]

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Gluten Free Amazon Specials

I received an email from Amazon about their Gluten Free August Specials.  There is a wide selection including these and more.  

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Zucchini Crust Pizza

zucchini crust pizza

A couple of weeks ago I thought my zucchini plant was done producing and missed one last zucchini which got really big. However, this week I learned that it wasn’t the last zucchini, and I found one more huge one as well as a medium one. When I found this recipe in one of my […]

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One Year of Blogging

Today it has been one year since I started blogging.  I didn’t even realize it this morning as I reflected on how this blog has been helpful to me.   Yesterday we started back to homeschooling, and today I was thinking about how my attitude towards it is much better than it was last year.  I […]

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New Items in My Sidebar

I noticed a Blogger sidebar gadget called Seasonal Foods.  I added it to my page because I thought it might be useful for some of you.  If you click on “Maryland”, then click again you can choose your state from the dropdown menu.  Right now it is set to show what is in season in […]

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