Rice & Quinoa Pilaf

rice and quinoa

  I have mentioned before that my family likes quinoa mixed with white rice.  I try to use brown rice as much as possible, but old habits are hard to break, and white rice is one of them.  At least I feel better about the nutritional value when I add whole grain quinoa to it. […]

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Party Food – What can I eat that’s gluten free?

The theme of this week’s carnival is party food.  I hope you will join in and share a link to a gluten-free  appetizer, drink, or even main dish that you like to prepare for holiday parties.  A theme is always a suggestion, though, any gluten-free food ideas are welcome.  If this is your first time […]

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Cran-Apple Salsa

Cran Apple Salsa

I originally posted this naturally gluten-free recipe last December so if it looks familiar, you may have seen it already.  I’ve added a picture to tempt your taste buds.  The cranberries in this recipe make it a perfect appetizer for the holidays, and you will love the combined flavors of the  ingredients.  My niece gave […]

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A Wonderful Thanksgiving

No Internet.  No cell phones.  Mountains, trees, and farms.  The smells of fall.  The beauty of nature.  Really delicious food.  Family.  Fun.  Card games. Hugs.  Smiles.  Laughter.  That was my Thanksgiving, and it lasted four days. I’m back now, and just wanted to say hello.  I don’t have a recipe for you, but I will […]

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What Can I Eat That’s Gluten Free?

Welcome to this weekly carnival of gluten free eating ideas.  Please join in by visiting the links below and adding your own.  If this is your first time participating, you can read the guidelines here. Next week the carnival will have a theme of party foods.  With holiday parties coming up, we could all use […]

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Chicken (or turkey) Pot Pie

chicken pot pie

Cooking meat for dinner and having leftovers for a second dinner is a great way to save time.  I like roasting a chicken and using the leftovers in various gluten free recipes, but many chicken dishes can also be used with turkey.  This is one of those, and with Thanksgiving only two days away, you’ll […]

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