Create Your Own Casserole Challenge

Are you guys up for a cooking challenge?  I thought it would be fun to try one this month and then have it be the theme for “What can I eat that’s gluten free?” on February 3rd.  Even if you don’t have a blog, I would like you to join in.  Give the challenge a […]

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What can I eat that’s gluten free? 1-6-10

The first Wednesday of each month, this carnival has a theme, and this week it is cookies.   The theme is only a suggestion, and any gluten free eating post is welcome, but if you have a cookie recipe to share with us, please add your link.  If this is your first time participating, you can […]

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broken snickerdoodle

These really are the perfect cookie.  They aren’t necessarily my all time favorite, but they are easy to make, look lovely, have a light and crisp crunch to them, and of course, a buttery cinnamon taste.  They’re perfect. The first time I made snickerdoodles, years ago, I didn’t know what they were.  I’m sure I had eaten them before, […]

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A Reader Survey

  It’s that time of year when we evaluate and set goals for our lives.  As I was reflecting on the past year of blogging, I realized that I only receive input in the form of comments or emails from a small fraction of my readers.  I find myself asking, “How can I make decisions […]

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Whole Grain Cinnamon Roll Update

Not long ago I gave you a recipe for gluten-free cinnamon rolls that used more whole grain than my original recipe.  They were very good, but for my family, they were not as good as my previous version and therefore not their choice for Christmas morning. In November, I tried the recipe again but divided […]

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A New Year Recipe Review

I’ve not been feeling well this week, so I don’t have a New Year’s recipe for you.  I thought I would give you a new year greeting using a few of my old recipes.  I intended to use only recipes from 2009, but I found a couple of the letters in the acrostic to be […]

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