Banana Nut Bars (Paleo)


My sons are on the go a lot and often have long days at school or work. Filling, easy to eat foods such as these paleo banana nut bars come in handy. These bars hold together pretty well (but they’re not indestructible). They’re lightly sweet, though the sweetness will vary according to how ripe the […]

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Gluten-Free Menu Plan (January 10)

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This week’s gluten-free menu plan includes cold weather food like soup, easy weeknight meals like taco rice, and fun food like pizza casserole. I hope it makes your week go a little more smoothly. The recipes in this menu plan are all gluten free. I also provide suggestions for dairy free and grain free diets […]

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Gluten-Free Wednesdays (January 7)


Happy New Year! And welcome back after a holiday break from Gluten-Free Wednesdays. Whether you’re trying to start the new year eating a more healthy diet or are just interested in finding new gluten-free recipes, you’ve come to the right place. Co-Host Changes Last year I added two co-hosts to this carnival, and one of […]

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Potato Chowder


One of the things I love about cold weather is eating soup. This is one of our favorite soups. Truly, every member of my family really likes it, and I have extended family who enjoy it too. With sausage and potato in it, you can serve it as a main dish, and if you have meat […]

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Gluten-Free Menu Plan 1-3-15

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Happy New Year! Life is really busy here with another son getting married soon, but it’s all exciting. And things will slow down soon enough. Especially when life is busy, it’s helpful to have a plan for meals. I hope this gluten-free menu plan helps you. The recipes in this menu plan are all gluten […]

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Most Popular Recipes of 2014


This roundup highlights the top 20 most popular recipes from my entire site during 2014.  While my other roundups have reminded you of recipes I shared over the past year, this roundup covers old and new recipes that have been popular throughout the year. Even if you’ve been following my blog for a while, take […]

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