Kitchen Tip: Lazy Susan

kitchen tip

One of my favorite things to use for kitchen organization is a lazy Susan. A lazy susan is a kind of turntable.  Placing one on a cabinet shelf can make it easier to reach items at the back.  A lazy Susan is particularly useful for small items such as spices, but I also use it […]

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Taco Soup


The other week I had a large pack of ground turkey that needed to be used.  I usually use it in chili or spaghetti sauce, but neither of those were what I was in the mood for.  I asked people on Facebook and Twitter for their favorite ways to use ground turkey and received a […]

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Gluten-Free Recipe Contest Winner

raw brownies

The gluten-free recipe contest has ended.  The three finalists were chosen based on the number of replies.  My fellow judges and I were asked to make each recipe and judge it in three categories:  taste, nutritional value, and ease of preparing/cooking/baking.  The finalist recipes were: Dreena’s Frosted B-raw-nies

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Surfing Saturday 2/19/11

Valentine chocolates

The Gluten-Free Homemaker has moved!  My web address is the same and my blog looks basically the same, but you’ll notice a few differences.  I’m now using Word Press and loving it!  Stop by and check it out.  I big thanks goes to my friend Joy of Five J’s Design for doing the switch. Gluten-Free/Celiac […]

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Kitchen Tip: Clean as You Go

Kitchen Tip button

This week’s kitchen tip comes to us courtesy of Ellen of Gluten Free Diva.  Her tip is to clean as you go.  Ellen says, “My mother always taught me that if you clean up as you move through your cooking prep, it will make for a much lighter load of cleaning when you’re finished cooking. […]

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February’s Clean Kitchen Update

Keeping a Clean Kitchen

February’s challenge is to clean your range or cook top and oven.  I got a start on mine last weekend. First, I wiped out the oven and started the clean cycle.  I used a two hour cycle because it wasn’t very dirty.  After it finished and cooled, I wiped again to remove the ash that […]

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