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Some jars can be particularly hard to open.  If one of my boys is around, have them open it.  If not, I need a little help.  I have a couple of old jar grippers which are losing their gripping ability.

Shirley from Gluten Free Easily has an easy and economical solution:  use a wide rubber band, like the kind that holds broccoli stalks together.

What’s your tip for opening jars?

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  1. Annemarie says:

    I have a tool that gently lifts the lid to break the seal, then it’s super easy to open. You can use a blunt ended tool (not a knife) that fits between the lid and edge of the jar, twist to lift the lid a small amount and you’ll hear a pop, then it should open very easily.

  2. I had a few of those ‘advertising’ rubber jar openers of different sizes that were just sitting in the kitchen ‘junk’ drawer. After I gave them all away, I needed to buy one!
    My 99-year old Aunt had a large red one that could open bottles or jars, so when she died a couple years ago, my sister and cousin thought it amusing to pass on her jar opener to me. I am using it! I remember my Aunt each time I use it.

  3. If I have a problem with a jar and Chaz isn’t around to help me out, I use my rubber gloves that I use for washing dishes. I just use the sleeve part of it that covers the forearm and I’m golden. 😀

  4. If none of the above work, I run hot water over the lid and then turn it upside down and knock it on the counter a few times, then back to the rubber jar grippers.

  5. Thanks for sharing my tip, Linda! The one thing I like about the rubber band idea is that there’s almost always a rubber band around and I have one of the broccoli ones in my food box for camping. It takes up no room and often when other methods fail, the rubber band method words. I think folks will be surprised when they try it. Debi’s idea and the rubber wraps are the same concept. I also have “official” jar openers and have used a hand can opener (the kind with the triangular end) to just lift the jar lid a tad to break the seal, but often those fail and the rubber band method works. 😉

    I love the sharing of all the ideas when you present a tip, Linda! Simple, but great series. :-)


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