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Lee at Retired with No Regrets shares a tip for those of you who use an oil mister. She says,

“I love those misto sprayers. I have 4 with different oils. When returning the cap, twist it on instead of pushing it down, as that releases more of the liquid in the sprayer.”

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  1. Jill says

    How do you clean an oil mister before refilling it? I’m always concerned that refilling it without cleaning the insides with hot soapy water will result in any remaining oil, even though it’s just a small amount, getting rancid and turning my fresh oil rancid. That thought made me throw away my mister after I emptied it.

    I use so little oil that a quart bottle lasts me well over a year and often goes rancid before I can use it all. I’ve learned it’s more cost effective for me to buy the smaller bottles and be able to actually use it all up.

    • says

      Jill, I don’t actually use an oil mister. I have tried one a couple of times over the years but never stuck with it. I would think that it should be cleaned periodically for the very reason you suggest.

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