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Last week a shared a tip for opening jars.  I received more ideas from a few of you.  Here they are, but remember to try these at your own discretion.  I can’t guarantee that banging and dropping won’t result in a broken jar!

Peggy says, “My mom taught me, to open a jar, simply tap the top edge of the lid in several places on a very hard surface. I usually use the concrete floor in the garage or patio. It will break the vacuum seal and you can open the jar easily. Works every time. Obviously, be careful to not hit the jar so hard as to break the glass. This has never happened to me, but I suppose it is possible.”

Geeta says, “I use a butter knife or any non sharp edge and slip it under the lid. Pull the handle of the knife towards you till you hear the release of the vacuum. Sometimes you can hear a “pop”. Twist the lid and open the jar!”

Annemarie has a special tool for breaking the seal.

Carol says, “Another easy way to open jars: Wear a rubber cleaning glove to twist the lid off.  Also dropping the jar a few feet lid side down on a carpeted surface will loosen the lid.”

Debi uses the sleeve part of her gloves to open jars.

Margaret says, “If none of the above work, I run hot water over the lid and then turn it upside down and knock it on the counter a few times, then back to the rubber jar grippers.”

Thanks for all the great tips!

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