Mixes from the Heartland: Review & Giveaway

Mixes From The Heartland

A few weeks ago I was sent some free mixes from the company Mixes From The Heartland Inc., which produces only gluten-free products.  You can find more allergy information on their site.  It was great timing because the week before last I was on vacation.  We were skiing/snowboarding in Virginia (I know, it’s not the best place to  go skiing) and rented a condo with a kitchen where I could cook my own food.  Having the dinner mixes made cooking a breeze.  All I needed to do was add meat, water, and maybe some butter.
sausage & potato casserole

Sausage Casserole Meal  – I added the sausage.  The mix contained seasoning and dried potatoes.  It was very good.  I would add a little less water next time, though.

chicken veggie soup

Chicken Veggie Soup –  I cooked chicken breast pieces in the skillet and added it to this soup.  There is more pasta than veggies as you can see from the picture, but the pasta was good and we had a salad with it.

I forgot to take a picture of the taco skillet meal.  I added ground beef and the mix contained rice and seasoning.  It was a little spicy for our tastes, but is probably just right or not hot enough for most people.
I also received a couple of dessert mixes. 
sweet potato brownie

The sweet potato brownies were a big hit.  I think blondies would be a better name since they don’t have chocolate in them, but they were very moist and tasty.  Nobody thought they tasted like you were eating a sweet potato, but the flavor was there in a very nice way. 

coconut pie sliceThe coconut pie mix required the addition of eggs, butter and milk.  I’m not sure how well it would work with dairy substitutes.  The mix makes two pies.  Everything is mixed together, then you let it sit for 5 minutes before baking.  The pie end up making its own crust.  It was good, but not a huge hit.  If you like coconut, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Giveaway – This giveaway is now closed

I have four mixes to give away to one winner:  The sweet potato brownies, coconut pie, chicken & veggie soup, and taco skillet dinner.  I will have to mail these myself so I’m limiting entries to people in the 48 contiguous United States (sorry Lauren).  To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me which mix you are most anxious to try.  Please include an email address if you don’t have a blog where I can reach you.  Some people have Blogger profiles with no email address connected to them.  The giveaway will end Saturday, January 30th at 11:00 p.m. eastern time.

Don’t forget to visit the site, and check out all their products.
Mixes From The Heartland

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  1. Iris says

    Ooh what a great giveaway! Of course, I would like to try the desserts, but I would really love to try the taco skillet because it's something my boyfriend would enjoy and we're trying to have dinners together more often.

  2. Heather says

    ooh how fun! i'm so glad you reviewed these products. I have been eyeing them myself but haven't tried any. Now I know they are good!
    I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I am anxiously wanting to try the sweet potato brownies!

  3. deekeath says

    Oooh the coconut pie, of course! It looks so moist and delicious! I am a fan of easy recipes, so mixes are wonderful. :)

  4. Bethie Pie says

  5. hiryzor says

  6. Youthful One says

    All of those sound good to me, though I think my sweet tooth is winning out, as I'm most interested in the desserts. I love the coconut pie idea and would love to see how it turns out using coconut oil and coconut milk as substitutes for the dairy. Even the sweet potato blondies sound intriguing, and I don't like sweet potatoes. :)

    neoterikos1 at gmail dot com

  7. G. says

    hmmm…the sweet potato blondies sound great, although they all sound good. By the way, I recently found your blog through a link on Celiac Teen, and have enjoyed reading. Thanks for all of your tips and recipes!!

  8. Anonymous says

  9. Barb says

    All of them sound yummy but the one that I am most intrigued by is the sweet potato brownies. I can't hardly imagine how they would taste but I bet it would be good since I love sweet potatoes.

    bstilwell12 at comcast dot net

  10. Jenn says

    OOOOOOHHH—I would love to try the taco skillet mix (although ANY of them sound good!!!

  11. Jen says

  12. Ann says

  13. Carol Conway-Fleisher says

  14. Tasty Eats At Home says

    These sound like a nice way to have an easy meal in minutes. Those sweet potato brownies sound yummy!

  15. cdziuba says

  16. Castal says

  17. Beth Larrabee says

  18. bison61 says

    I think my family would like the sweet potato brownies the best

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  19. Mikki says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try out those brownies. They sound like they would be DELICIOUS!!

  20. Valerie says

    i'd love to try any of them. but i think the sweet potato brownie would be the best, this the one that I would have the most difficulty figuring out how to make from scratch in a gluten free way.

    and thanks for the chance

    vmcmartian at gmail dot com

  21. Elizabeth says

    I just got cast in a musical at our community college, so I'm leaving my Celiac kiddos in the care of others for the next 5 weeks of rehearsals. Having mixes like these would be AWESOME to leave for a sitter to make for dinner – especially the taco skillet meal.

    What a great giveaway!

    mcgrawzoo at yahoo dot com

  22. Yadi says

    The taco skillet and veggie soup all sound interesting to me (it is nice to be able to find a mix for those days where you are exhausted!) but I am really interested in the sweet potato brownie mix….. I will have to check their website out!

  23. Retsbar2Go says

    I would love to try the Sweet Potato brownies, but hubby said….Noooo, the taco skillet!

    retsbar2go AT gmail DOT com

  24. Lori in SC says

    Thanks for the reviews and the wonderful blog!

    I would most like to try the taco skillet because I have very little time during the week to fix dinner because of the extra activities we do and anything that is a time saver is worth a try in my book.

    Thanks again!

    lodock61 at hotmail DOT com

  25. Anna says

    sweet potato blondies sound divine! if i don't win, i might just have to make up a recipe of my own… the coconut pie also sounds good and i like that it makes its own kind of crust – i've been on a real coconut kick lately! can you tell i have a sweet tooth!?

  26. Anonymous says

  27. Michelle says

    I am super excited about the coconut pie recipe. My husband and I both LOVE coconut pie and coconut cream pie. Unfortunately, it usually takes too much time. This will be a great quicker alternative.

    Can't wait to try it.

  28. Aubree Cherie says

    Hi Linda, Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to try the sweet potato brownies, they sound amazing!

    And I say any place is a good place to ski :)

    ~Aubree Cherie

  29. Anonymous says

    Hi, they all sound wonderful and would love to try any of them but would love to try the coconut pie or the browines….although the others sound like they would be good to fix for a quick meal
    [email protected]
    p.s the postal service has flat rate boxes that ship anywhere in the US for a low rate….I use the biggest one to ship a package to my son it usually weighs about 10 pounds or more and it ships 2 time zones for 14 dollars and that is the biggest box these would not need the biggest box they could ue one of the small ones

  30. Marie says

  31. Wendy says

    Sweet Potato…no…coconut!!!! Or sweet potato…wait — I love a good mexi-meal. So the tacos for sure! Oh, but there's soup!!!!! I LOVE SOUP!!!!

    Um…I can't decide. Send them my way and we'll try them out one by one with a link back to your blog 😉

    DX Celiac 9/09

    Mom to 3 daughters – the oldest of whom was dx with Type 1 Diabetes 7/05 (24 mos) and Celiac 12/08 (5 yrs)

    Wife to my one and only

  32. Fire-Eyes says

  33. Alyce says

    Hi there, I just ran across your blog. Very interesting and I know it's going to be helpful to me. I do not have Celiac, but do have an intolerance to gluten. I just discovered this, oh 6 weeks or so ago. This is tough because I am a big foodie..I have a recipe blog too, but now it's going to become a mix of glutinous and gluten free. I really like the sound of the sweet potato brownies! yum..my kids would enjoy that too!

  34. Brenna Kater, the Oceanskater says

    The sweet potato brownies/blondies, of course!

  35. Dawn says

  36. LittleEagle says

    I'd like to try the taco skillet dinner. sharonaquilino at hotmail dot com

  37. Michelle says

    The sweet potato brownies sound interesting! Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. Amy says

    You know I am fan of sweet potatoes in baking so that would be my first choice, but I would be happy to try any of them. Thanks Linda and Mixes from the Heartland!

  39. Deborah says

    I'm most anxious to try the sweet potato brownies – I just love sweet taters!

  40. Palila says

    Mmm, I'd want to try the chicken veggie soup! I haven't had any noodley soup in… I don't know how long it's been. (palila at gmail)

  41. DMarie says

  42. Anonymous says

    Hi Fire Eyes
    The Muffin Queen…
    Putting in my order for your great cookie bars-try to lighten up on butter just for me..must have blueberry muffins!!! try using fresh apples in two of them for my curiosity!!
    your next door neighbor Curly Carol

  43. firebear says

    Carol ..you posted in someone elses blog…love =0)
    Sorry about that Linda…

  44. Anonymous says

  45. Janna says

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