Metabolic or Nutritional Typing Diet

I have mentioned diet changes that I’ve made recently, and while it’s still an experiment in many ways, I’m ready to share it with you.

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This year I have battled numerous bladder infections—something I have never had problems with before.  Most of the time my symptoms are not typical.  I don’t have pain or burning, only fatigue and an inability to think or concentrate, making it difficult to function.

The source of my infections is not the typical E-coli but rather group B strep.  Which means that many remedies that work for other people don’t work for me.  I am generally not in favor of antibiotics, but since I so rarely take them and I didn’t want the infection moving to my kidneys, I did use them.  I tried different kinds and for different amounts of time.  None of them completely got rid of the infection and some didn’t help at all.

I have seen a urologist and had various tests done, but no reason for the infections was found.

I have tried a variety of natural remedies including cranberry pills, D-Mannose, allicin (garlic), monolauric acid, apple cider vinegar, and juicing.  I have even gone to an acupuncturist.  Things get better for a while and then get worse.  The battle is not over, and I’m continuing to struggle with it even as I write this.


Earlier this summer I decided to make changes to try and improve my health.  I started by going sugar free for the month of August.  Originally I eliminated refined sugars and soon eliminated almost all sugars.  I increased my exercise by adding yoga and strengthening exercises to my daily routine.

Thanks to Jill’s prompting, I also explored dietary changes.  I started by taking the nutritional typing test and getting more information.   Later I ordered The Metabolic Typing Diet, a book that contains a longer self test as well as interesting background information and answers to some of the questions I had.

I learned that I am a protein type and began making dietary changes right away.  I noticed a difference in my energy level immediately and began to lose weight.

The Metabolic Typing Diet

Metabolic/Nutritional Typing

There are many diets out there, and I’m not just talking about weight loss diets.  Gluten-free, vegan, paleo, specific carbohydrate, etc.  are all examples of diets that people eat to maintain good health.  It makes sense to me that there is not one diet that fits everyone’s needs, and that an individuals’ needs can change over time.

That’s what the metabolic or nutritional type diet is all about.  Feeding your body the foods that it needs according to your metabolism.  There are three general metabolic types:  Carb, Mixed, and Protein.

The key to each type is maintaining the correct ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.  Keep in mind that vegetables are considered a source of carbohydrates.  Once you try the basic diet plan and are feeling good, you can slowly add or remove foods to find what works for your body.

I tested (more than once) as a protein type.  That means I have been eating lots of meat, particularly grass fed beef, fat (animal fat, coconut oil, and olive oil), and a smaller amount of limited vegetables.  Occasionally I have a small amount of fruit after a meal.  I have eliminated grains and don’t plan to reintroduce them until I have lost more weight.

The protein type diet is probably the most restrictive diet, yet I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself.  Here’s why.  When I am feeling well (not dealing with a bladder infection) and eating this diet I:

  • Am satisfied after I eat a meal
  • Don’t crave sugar or carbs
  • Seldom snack
  • Don’t feel hungry
  • Have a good amount of energy
  • Naturally lose weight

So honestly, it’s not difficult for me.  I’m not spending time thinking about what I can’t eat.  Food doesn’t drive me; it fuels me.  Wow.  I just thought of that line and it’s worth repeating.  Food no longer DRIVES me; it FUELS me.

This post is already longer than what I usually write, so I’ll leave you with that to think about.  Next week I’ll tell you a little more about how the diet is working out for me.

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  1. says

    I feel your pain on the chronic bladder infections. About 15 years ago, I was getting infections every three months on the nose. I was one more away from being referred to a urologist when I started seeing a chiropractor and amazingly, they stopped! My spine was in line so my body was healing itself. I’ve had a few over the years(it seems to be my bodies M.O. to tell me I’m pregnant as I had one each time I found out I was pregnant with my kids) but less than a handful.
    Just a thought for you.

  2. says

    Linda, I am so proud of you for making all these changes and so happy to hear that you are getting great results already! I’ve done the metabolic test before and just did it again. As I expected, I, too, came out as a protein type once again. When I was focusing on proteins with no dairy, no sugar, as I believe you are doing, I saw food exactly the same way–as fuel. I enjoyed it, but as you say weren’t driven by it. And, like you, I had wonderful success with weight loss, energy levels, etc. Great post, Linda. I REALLY appreciate you being so open with us all (you are inspiring!) and am looking forward to you having even more health improvements as time goes on!


    • says

      Thanks, Shirley. Yes, I am staying dairy free except for goat cheese. For the most part I am sugar and grain free but the past two weeks I have allowed myself the occasional treat. I’m finding that I don’t really enjoy those much any more. A small piece of dark chocolate goes a long way in making me feel like I have indulged without prompting cravings for more. I really wish I could enjoy the increased energy from the diet all the time, but it is sometimes masked by the fatigue the bladder infection causes. Maybe with a little more time on this diet I will see improvement.


  3. Sharon says

    I am very intrigued by this high protein diet you are on. I have been suffering from daily acid reflux for many years and nothing I do helps (dx celiac 3 years 3 years). I began seeing an accupuncturist who put me on a healing diet of primarily meat and homemade bone broth and was having success after only a few days only to find out less then a week into the diet that I’m pregnant (surprise!). I obviously can’t continue that diet but the accupuncturist has encouraged me to keep a good portion of my diet from proteins and fats adding in more veggies and some fruit. So I feel like I’ve taking ten steps backwards now but what can I do? I’m encouraged by your success and look forward to hearing more positive news in the future.

    • says

      Sharon, I have a friend who recently started a very similar diet to what I am doing and it resolved the reflux she had been having for years. Just cutting grains and sugar might make a big difference. Congratulations on the pregnancy!

  4. KimH says

    For most of my life I had chronic sinus, bladder infections, extreme arthritis like pain, and severe fatigue (Chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia) until I went on a low carb diet. Obviously, I too am a protein type.

    I had been going to an endocrinologist who swore I was celiac but my tests came back negative. He told me to consider myself gluten intolerant anyways because the difference when I eat it are huge!!

    He had ordered me to be tested for MS but my apt was 3 months down the road. In the meantime, I went on the original Atkins diet, which in the first stages is a higher protein, low carb diet.

    Within 3 days I was a completely different person. The differences are amazing, and the biggest difference is the gluten. Today, I do eat rice, but the more I think on it, the more I think its time for me to let all grains go, at least in my regular diet.

    If I eat anything containing gluten, such as the soy sauce I had a couple days ago, I wind up in the most EXTREME pain in all my joints. Pain killer kind of pain. Over the counter pain killers dont touch it.
    For the most part, I just do without grains.. Its so not worth it to me.

    Also.. if you think about it… the way you’re eating, except for the cheese, is how our forefathers thru the ages of time, got us to where we are today.
    Meats, greens, a few leaves & barks, with the rare addition of seeds (until the advent of farming 10,000 years ago) are the bodies most natural diet. Not to forget fruit.. but traditionally, fruit comes on right before winter, is full of sugar, and helps to put on fat before the winter famine… but only lasts for a very short time.

  5. CarlaG says

    Hi Linda,
    I have had chronic bladder infections for the last year. My primary dr. would just give me the usual anitbiotics until I started having a rash with each one so they ran out of choices to help me. I went to see a uroloist. She was a God send. She told me that my problem was a PH not in balance and she gave me a hormone cream to use 3 times a week. She also put me on a pencilllin anitbiotic for a month to kill the bacteria that would not go away. I will probably be on the cream for at least 6 months to a year but it is better than the infections. I didn’t have the normal pain like you usually have with a bladder infection but I have no energy and have put on weight for no reason. I am looking forward to reading the Metbolic book to find out what can help me. I have Celiac and have just thought all of my body changes was due to this but I know it is not. I truly enjoy your emails.
    thanks, Carla

      • CarlaG says

        There are two different hormone creams. One is Estrace and the other is Premarin. I felt the Estrace was really good but I felt it was a little too much for me so I am now using Premarin. I am not having any problems with this one. They are quite expensive but you can get the dr. to give you a coupon. A natural food and pharmacy store might carry something similiar to these. I do hope this helps. It has made a difference in not having infections. Have a great day!

    • kate says

      What kind of hormone cream? Are you perimenopausal, and so it’s those type of replacement hormones, via a cream application to your forearm, or something?
      I’ve never heard of a PH problem being solved from a cream on the outside of the body!
      I’ve been GF, except for I do eat oatmeal in the mornings, that are Quaker, since we have a stockpile from Sam’s club of them!!! for the last 6-8 weeks, and honestly, other than not feeling as tight a feeling in my belly at times, I don’t feel any increase in energy at all :( I don’t, or hadn’t been, craving sweets till this week! after dinner sweets craving, and fruit isn’t cutting it. Kind of discouraging to have done so much changing and not feel much better at all.

      • says

        Kate, still eating Quaker oatmeal is significant. It can be highly contaminated with gluten, and eating it every day would have an affect on your body. You will probably notice more changes when you cut out the oatmeal. Also, be careful about cross contamination from toasters, condiments, etc.

  6. says

    Hi Linda,

    I haven’t been participating much in link parties over these last few months, so paying catch-up here with some of my most recent recipes. Next week I look forward to sharing some pasta dishes!

    And I recently learned about the metabolic typing test. I’ve been struggling to find a food regimen that will help put my Crohns in remissions (without medication). And this approach sounded very interesting (that and I’m looking into the blood type diet). The SCD is a one-size fits all diet for those with IBD, and it didn’t work for me, so I’m very interested in exploring my other options and ways to attain optimal health with this disease.

    It sounds like you are finding some answers and I hoe you continue to heal. Thank you for the inspiration. :-)

    This week I am sharing 4 of my most recipe recipes.

    Have a great rest of your week, Linda.

    Be Well,

  7. says

    Glad to hear you’re making some progress, Linda! So glad you mentioned that produce is a type of carb. I always mention that when people tell me they are doing low-carb. 😀 It confuses the heck out them. You’re the second person to mention the metabolic typing. Not that I need it, but I’m going to have to check out the book. Always interested in learning what is out there. 😀

  8. Tracy says

    I had serious issues with constant bladder, yeast, and kidney infections. After much experimentation and discovering I had many allergies and dietary issues, I started doing a lot of research. I also had severe kidney stones which run in my family. I completely changed my diet. I found out that yeast was my biggest enemy and it is in things that I hadn’t even thought to look such as bullion, re fried beans, and chicken stock. That helped but I was still having some issues. I read about how these things are often caused by a lack of magnesium. Bingo! I started finding what foods have the most magnesium in them (lots of fruits and vegies). I have fruit smoothies every morning and work real hard at vegies during the day. I have never been one for vegies but I am learning it is imperative. I also started taking a magnesium supplement. After all that, I no longer have any of these infections and the kidney stones have all but disappeared.

  9. Jane says

    My Mom used an old remedy for frequent bladder infections. You get a big bunch of fresh organic parsley, then dry it. When dry crush and store in an air tight jar. To use simply brew a pot of tea using the parsley and drink it through the day. Continue for a week or so. She swore by it. Fortunately I havn’t been troubled in 20 years or more. But I will look into body type diet. I also have recently gone off dairy, gluten, soy, refined sugar, and have gone to 90 percent organic andI’m feeling so much better than I have in years. good luck. Jane

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