Metabolic Diet Update

Last week I introduced you to the diet changes I have made.  This week I want to share how that is working out practically for me.

Oldest and youngest sons

Getting the Family Involved

First, it’s not just me that’s doing it.  My husband and two of the three boys have taken the longer test that is in The Metabolic Typing Diet.

My gluten-free son (21) was the first to get on board.  He is a mixed type with many protein type tendencies.  He eats similarly to me, avoiding most sweets and grains, but eats a wider variety and larger amount of vegetables and fruit.  That means I no longer worry about him having bread for sandwiches.  He often takes salad with plenty of meat on top for lunch.

My husband also came out a mixed type, which is what I expected for him.  I can’t say he’s completely on board, but he’s trying.

My youngest son (15) also tested as a mixed type, but he had many carb type answers.  He is interested in the whole idea and has been paying attention to how different foods make him feel.

My middle son (18) hasn’t taken the test, but I’m guessing that he’s a mixed type with many protein type tendencies.  He does like his carbs, but he’s been very pleased with the new foods I’ve made recently  such as zucchini pizza and mashed cauliflower.


Originally, I was very strict about not eating grains or carbs other than vegetables.  Now, I’m letting up on that.  For instance, last night we had slow cooker beef and green beans with rice.  I didn’t eat any rice, but the beef and beans recipe does contain some rice flour and molasses.  I seemed to do okay with that.

I’m continuing to make high carb foods such as potatoes, rice, and pasta for my mixed types to eat, especially my youngest.  However, I’m making less of it and some nights I don’t make any.  On those nights, there are usually some leftover carbs my youngest son can eat and the others are okay without any.

Weight Loss

I have not lost any weight in the past couple of weeks.  Even though protein types are supposed to eat a fair amount of fat, I’m considering cutting back on that to reduce calories.

I’m slightly familiar with a couple of diets that recommend eating whatever you want one day a week.  They say this increases weight loss.  I would not use it as an excuse to pig out or eat a ton of sugar, but I might give it a try.

Have you looked into the metabolic/nutritional type diet?  I’d love to hear your experiences with it.

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