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My mom taught me this tip when I was a little girl learning to bake.

When measuring dry ingredients, put a piece of wax paper on the counter and set your measuring cup on top.  Then scoop the ingredient into the cup so that it is a little over full.

Use a straight edged knife or spatula to level the cup and let the excess fall onto the wax paper.  After emptying the cup into your mixing bowl, pick up the wax paper on two ends, curving it in the middle and carefully funnel the excess back into the storage container.


The flours I use regularly are in containers with large openings that allow me to measure over top of them without any excess spilling on the counter.  However, I use this tip when measuring ingredients from packages.

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  1. Blue says

    I usually use measuring cups for up to 2 or 4 cups, and I struggle to get exactly the right amount because the surface of the flour (or whatever other dry ingredient I am using) is never perfectly flat and the dust makes it difficult to read the amount. Does anyone have any advice for that?

    • says

      It’s best to use a set of graduated measuring cups for dry ingredients. You can probably even find them at the dollar store. Then you can level off the top as I mentioned in this post. Accurate measurements can be very important in baking.

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